Monday, February 09, 2009

Nope, NOT ME!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Another week gone by...and boy has it been crazy around here...really it has. So this week will mostly be about what my kids Have NOT done, because you know...they are perfectly well mannered, well behaved and well, just perfect:) I really have not done anything too bad, so we will just focus on them:)

NO back talking and sassing has reared its ugly head this past Tabasco sauce needed.

My child did not if fact beg for a spanking when he saw me rummaging through the cabinet for said sauce.

Friday was just the most perfect day. Chocolate kisses eaten for breakfast...after asking for such and being told "no", 3 rolls of tape gone in "taping" a torn page in a book, hole cut in pj pants at the knee, because you know....the knee needed to "see", play tools thrown ONE BY ONE down the storm drain...never to be seen again. My child did NOT in fact stand in the middle of the kitchen and pee in his pants while looking right at me....that is non sense my friends. My children are perfect and would do NONE of the above mentioned fetes....ALL in ONE day!

I did NOT call my husband proclaiming that I was "done" for the day and that I would be disappearing once he arrived....all by lunch time. I kept myself cool, calm and collected all day long. Never wishing once that bedtime was only a few minutes away. I cherished every single moment with my children ALL day long, never once wishing the day was over.

Beautiful behaved children were seen the rest of the weekend...including running from us in the church parking lot, nearly hit by a jeep backing up.

I did not drive around with our van entertainment system still on the blitz this entire week. You know, from the "battery incident" of last weekend. I did not stop looking for the "code" after cleaning out only one of our two many junk drawers.

I did not leave the phone number for the dealership my husband so kindly looked up for me on the pad of paper all week either. It just never made it to the top of to my "to do" list.

Oh and to top it all off....the "code" was in the van the ENTIRE time! You know, right in the glove compartment dear husband had already "looked" in and declared "it is not in here":) Brilliant!

Parker did not if fact get in a talkument with me at a friends birthday party this weekend...over who the birthday boy was. We did agree that Noah was in fact the birthday boy's name...just did not agree on who Noah was. Clearly I was right in pointing to the handsome little boy in the blow up throne chair opening birthday gifts....However, Parker was adamant that Noah was in fact the older gentlemen in the corner across the room with....white hair and white facial hair:) AKA Noah's grandfather! I had to laugh at this one. For once, we were both right and seeing that Parker is just like his mother....we were both satisfied in being right. Yeah, I know, great quality to pass along. Working on this one!

Now what you really want anyway...PICTURES!

Yes, he really like to wear HIS hair like this...we may have a problem after all, aside from the hair do and the constant asking to wear my bracelets.

Parker sitting on my bathroom counter (his favorite spot) watching my put on my makeup (a favorite also) and proclaiming "mommy, when I get bigger, I am going to get me some of these" pointing to my bag of makeup. Lovely!

Do I really have a baby who is already feeding herself? sniff, sniff

"Liar, liar! See, mommy, I CAN sleep on my back...I don't always sleep sitting up."
"Just let me skip my morning nap and then make me raging mad when you offer me what you call 'milk' in a sippy cup non the less and cold at that....thank you, but, I prefer the natural kind and at a nice 98.6* thank you very much. If you were as mad as me, you would have fallen asleep on your back after all that screaming too!"

Lea, Krista, Amy, Catherine
Congratulations Chris and Amy...your wedding was beautiful and we had a wonderful time!

me, Catherine, Lea and Krista

Monday, February 02, 2009

Nope, NOT ME!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Wow! Is it really Monday again? These weeks are going by much too fast and these kids of ours are growing up much too soon! There are stages I will be very happy to see go, but I am not ready for them to be in high school nearly tomorrow.

Somehow, I managed to make it through the week without many blunders to tell. There are a few though!

We did in fact manage to make it to the Monster Jam truck show Friday night...however, I am not sure you can say we "attended" the show. Well, unless you count sitting through the singing of the national anthem and watching the crazy lady get shot from a cannon. Oh, weren't there trucks there? You know...the monster kind? Well, yes there were. Were they not doing Monster truck tricks? Um, I think they were going to?... you see we only made it through .25 jumps. My son did not absolutely loose his mind when the truck reved his engine in the first attempt to clear the cars lined up. We did NOT have to leave the show at that very minute to take him outside the building where he continued his complete meltdown. Bless his heart. I really thought they would LOVE the noise, big trucks and splendor of it all. It's not like we didn't know it was going to be LOUD, they are well, you know, MONSTER trucks and all... in a closed in building. We even took earplugs. Much unlike the person who sued McDonald's b/c they got burned by the HOT coffee...or the complaint I "saw" recently at a restaurant of someone we "know" that said something to the affect that when they squezzed their cup of HOT coffee, it burnt them badly. Hmm, maybe they are on to something. Hey, I should write a letter to the show kindly explaining that we would like a refund, and then some, because their trucks were too loud and the noise caused emotional damage to my 3 year old! I mean they didn't tell us to bring head gear like you wear at a gun range. Clearly, we were first time attenders (and very out of place) as many of the other kiddos had this necessary head gear. Did I mention I missed the memo of proper attire for the night? Jeans and cute Target sweater was not it....daisy dukes, riped hose of various colors and tall boots of various, I should have read the memo!

I did not get absolutely lazy this past week and unpack the very bottles I had just packed away (mean momma I know....took the bottle away already) because I was too lazy to wash the 2 sippy cups we use. I am pretty sure the emotional damage explains the tantrums we have witnessed here recently. Tantrums in a 11 month old....NOT my child!

I was not careless over the weekend when cleaning out our van and left the inside lights on...ALL night long. Thus running the battery dead so we could only unlock ONE door. I guess that is what happens when EVERYTHING is electrical on cars now. The "unlock" button on the door itself would not even work to unlock the rest of the doors. It had to be jumped off 4 times to get everything working again. Then of course the alarm was screaming b/c we unlocked the car with the key and not the remote thingy...b/c you know, the remote thingy WAS NOT WORKING! Did I mention the battery was dead?...and that means NO radio and NO DVD player unless you have "the code"....which of course WE DID NOT HAVE. A four hour drive with no radio and no dvd player....perfect!

That my friends brings me to my next blunder....I most certinally did NOT put the potty trained boys in pull ups b/c we WERE NOT STOPPING (really, we wern't) until we pulled in our driveway! They were 2 hours behind their nap time and meltdowns are a nice adjective to describe their overtired, grandparent over-sugared selves. With No modern entertainment for the drive we were SLEEPING THE ENTIRE TRIP HOME! They were appalled when we offered them crayons and coloring books...appalled! Oh my, what have we created with our overuse of modern technology? and guess worked! They slept until we were 2o minutes out! and....there was not urine to clean up out of a carseat of a boy who slept REALLY hard! Good thing we did pull ups:) Oh...and they did not go to bed until 10:45, not our children...but we got home in peace and quiet! Being the teenager she nearly is now after 10am and she is STILL asleep! Now to find that darn "code".

Here's to another perfect parenting week!

proof we were AT the Monster Truck Jam, which in no way implies we ATTENDED the Monster Truck Jam

Did I mention we were on the 4th row?..hmm, maybe THAT was the issue and not noise of the small trucks motoring around the track...and these were the cheap seats!

see, every nap

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