Sunday, March 22, 2009

Looky, Looky

What we have here! Pictures from our favorite "Miss" Sara of course! Oh and our favorite ONE year old. I know, I know, we can't believe it either...Miss Priss is one! Where is time going?

February 28th came and went just as her first year seemed to. Time is moving so fast these days...and speaking of moving...yep, that is what we did this past weekend! The 2 year itch people:) This time is for good though...well except that we are living with friends and thus of course will have to move again and such. Though it seems to have come out of the has been 9 L--O--N--G months in the making. I just haven't put all the details on here for various reasons. We are still in Georgia:) No big coast to coast move this time. We are getting some west coast flavor though:) Now to what you have been waiting for.

Sara did Miss Priss' one year session the week of our move...yes, very sadly this means we are no longer living next door to the most fabulous neighbors EVER. I know they will not miss the drama we have the boys create. We however, will miss our sweet friends and many lazy mornings and afternoons spent in our backyard sandbox or front driveways. Anna Claire will miss her fashion advise from Miss Ava and I will miss seeing their kids grow up. Gosh, Ava was just a wee little thing when we moved next door and now she is growing up so fast. Good thing we've got more sessions in the plans for later this year! The Lord truly blessed us with fabulous neighbors for our almost 2 1/2 years there.

OK, OK... here they are:

Happy Birthday Miss Priss. What a wonderfully surprising addition you have been to our family. We have enjoyed every moment of your giggles and grins, your belly laughs and yes even your full out on the floor tantrums at such a tender age...OK maybe not those but we are smitten non the less.

Be sure to check out Sara's blog for the rest of her sneak peak of our Miss Priss. For those of you who usually get our emails, we will be sure to let you know when the full set is available for your viewing pleasure. Don't can have these same great pics of your favorite monkey too...Sara is as sweet as her pictures are fabulous.

**All pictures snagged with permission from Sara of Sara Anthony Photography**