Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Incredibly Beautiful Wife

I want the entire world to know this:

I love you Martha Darley! You are such an amazing woman. You are beautiful. You are as beautiful today as you were when I first met you. I have been blessed because of our friendship before marriage, blessed over these past 6 years in marriage, and blessed to see what the next 70 years have for us. You are a Godly woman who places me second, where I belong and I don’t tell you enough how blessed I am. I love you with all my heart. Happy 1st Anniversary of your 29th Birthday!


From Tom Boy to 30 Year old Mommy!

1st of all, this is officially my 1st post on OUR blog, so here goes my valiant attempt at blogging…There are 2 posts by me, Chris. One is really just for Martha, but you can read it too, and the other is for the entire World Wide Web! Enjoy

Well I can’t believe it either to be honest. It doesn’t seem like 12 years, 7 weeks, and 3 days ago my life changed forever as I met Martha for the 1st time. We met at an Ice Cream Social at Clemson’s FCA, 3 days before classes started Freshman year. The event is fantastic entails 30 feet of vinyl gutter, lots of aluminum foil lining the gutter, and roughly 50 Gallons of Ice Cream! I was with my roommate Jason and our friend Kristen Young (yes we did call her by her initials…). We met Martha and the rest of the “Lever Ladies” (an all girls dorm where she lived) and I truly only noticed Martha.

Smokin! That was a good word to describe her, both then and today. Seriously, I thought she was gorgeous. I really can’t remember what we talked about that night, but walking back, Jason and I both talked about a couple of specific girls. So the ice cream party created a group of friends and it is pretty amazing that from that night I pretty much met 80% of the people that we hung out with in college.

So I gave you the introduction story because it is fun for me to think back to when I first laid eyes on Martha. Now the story is not meet at the ice cream thing and then we got together. That would be way to boring. We decided to make it a lot more interesting, but that journey will have to wait. Maybe when she turns 40!

So let’s have a little fun with this. It is not everyday that someone reaches this “mature” moment in life. So, post your favorite Martha story. Post a good time you had with her or a funny story or a good time & funny story...

I will not say anything about the pictures below, because my hair look, well...the exact same!!!

Ally and Martha digging for gold for all to see!

Yes that is a "Strawberry Shortcake" cake in the bottom left. Now I have a few questions about the 4 year old Russian Gymnist out logging in the middle of winter. What kind of unethical training is that?!

OH MY GOODNESS...The mystery is solved as to where the "Parker" face comes from (check out the bottom right pic with the pumpkin)!!!

Straight up athletice ability! She can still do that when one kid is in the den and she needs to get to the kitchen...I'll get some footage and post later.

I'm not sure what happened in the top right picture here. I think Mom Heyward's chest of drawers exploded and covered Martha with patched together pieces of fabric. Well at least she isn't wearing yellow socks...

Merry Christmas and a Happy Prom! Check out Ed, current Operator with Chick-fil-A. When he came through for interviews and I heard his name, I thought, "That name sounds really familiar...Oh yeah, he took my wife to prom 2 years!!!" Ed is a truly great guy and Operator.

I'll get everyone started with some great pictures from over the years. Thanks to Mom Heyward for hooking me up some great pics of Martha back in the 80 & 90s!

Here are some more pictures (not nearly as good as the previous ones...)! We have had some fun adventures and I can't wait to write the next chapter in our adventure together. God is planning a path for us that we can't even imagine. I can't wait!

Click on the slide show below to activate. Hover over the pictures to read the captions...ENJOY!!!

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Ornament Party

The boys and I were invited to an ornament party to kick off the Christmas decorating season. What a fun idea and get together for the moms and all the little monkeys. We were to bring clay for the ornaments and of course those cute little paws that leave prints all over our windows at home. It was such a cute idea and I was excited about having their little hand prints to hang on our tree year after year. I even had grand plans of making some for all the grand and great grand mothers.

This is where I should have known better:) My two monkeys HATE having their hands dirty...the rest of their bodies, their clothes and my house, they could care less. Their hands are a different story. So needless to say we painfully got a hand print out of each of them...sorry grand ma's, no luck in getting any more.

If only I had pictures of the process... but it took two of us to do it and lots of bribing with cookies and candy. I am sure the neighbors thought I was torturing my two...oh the lungs they have. The things we do to our kids:) I got my two precious ornaments though...aren't they cute! It was WELL worth the screaming and the boys love walking by the tree and seeing their hands. After all, their hands are only cute and little for so long.

I just love them!

Meghan and Olivia. Thanks Meghan for the help, I'll bring ear plugs next time:)

The boys sharing their snack with Olivia

Oh so close to a cute Christmas picture...


Maybe next year:)

If you are looking for a fun mom and children gathering...this was perfect! Everyone brought their own clay. We all used Crayola Model Magic. It requires no mixing and air drys. Don't buy the Model Magic Fusion, it is too sticky. One pack made my two ornaments. Walmart, Target and Michael's carry it. We rolled out the shape we wanted with a rolling pin, pressed the kids hands and then made two holes at the top with a pen for the ribbon. So easy and such a fun memory to have. Meghan and her friend hosted the event and provided drinks and snacks for the moms and kiddos and fun Christmas ribbon to hang our ornaments from. I am already looking forward to this annual event.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Still a No Go...year 2

Santa Clause is coming to town....

Welllll, it didn't go quite any better this year. I really didn't expect it to though. Neither one likes new situations or new people for that matter. Not quite sure what made me think a guy dressing in a red suite with a beard would make it any better:)

Parker: "Woooow, it's really HIM...He IS real!"

The mothers of multiples club here had a children's Christmas party and of course Santa was there. This is the most "real" Santa I have seen yet. He really was picture perfect...well, except for with my two!

Santa was WONDERFUL with the kids. He would come by and say hello and keep moving if he saw the kids were not up to it. He would wait for the kids to give him the "OK" before touching. I wish I had my camera ready when we first got there. He was kneeling just around the corner when we first got there greeting the kids. Parker was so cute as he kept peeking around the corner to get a look. He eventually even gave him a high five! MUCH improvement after last year. Peyton however kept backing up saying "back, back".

We found a seat at the table and began our snack, coloring and crafts. The boys were able to watch Santa move around the room and eventually let him get close enough for me to grab a few shots.

Peyton giving Santa the side glance... not so sure about his close proximity. In a "scary" situation he ALWAYS turns his head away and then cuts his eyes to see what is going on. So funny to watch.

He finally felt good enough to turn and look at him.

Parker not so sure anymore...doesn't Santa really look just like you would picture him! Sweet face, real beard and rosy cheeks! Sure wish we could have gotten a traditional sitting in Santa's lap shot with the boys. Maybe next year!

Peyton waiving "bye, bye". Shew, he is gone now!

Parker and Gi Gi (Chris' mom) making an ornament.

Peyton and his ornament... "I do it myself"

Yep, this was as close to sitting in Santa's lap as Peyton got. I even took new trucks for Santa to give the boys in hoping it would "bribe" them to get close. Only close enough to get his truck and then make a mad dash far away.

Parker checking out his new truck.

"Maybe this Santa guys isn't so bad after all...think I'll just stand by him though, no need to get all cozy with him."

It's different trying to "force" an almost 2 1/2 year old into his lap than an 18 month old. Last year was a first and was just cute and funny. Santa wasn't going to get hurt...this same scene could have resulted in many bruises, a bloody nose and several broken bones this year. For all involved we tried to keep it to a dull roar this year. I do have to say, looking back at the Santa we saw last year.. he was pretty darn scary looking. I think I would have screamed too! But this year...come on boys, he was so sweet and cuddly...Oh well.

The party was at a local library so we went to read some book after it was over. Of course the books the boys picked out were about trucks. They LIVE for trucks! It was a really cute book that I want to find a copy of for us. It was an alphabet book with every letter representing a different type of truck. Clearly, they can learn their letters this way!

Reading the SAME book with Gi Gi...what is it with toddlers and their repetition? :)

As close as I am going to get of a picture of them in their "Christmas outfits". The don't sit still for is not one of them. Chris likes to call these outfits their "dresses"....they are Jon Jon's Chris, and they are precious on them. They can't wear them for long but by golly we are going to wear them for now:) I think they are sweet. He loves that term:)

Speaking of sweet!

Our motto for visiting Santa...Try, Try again. We will see what next year holds.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Catching Up

Wow, I've got a lot of catching up to do. 2 months to be exact...where did time go? I really do need to be better at staying up to date!

SC State Fair

We went to SC to visit my family one weekend in October. My parents and sister took the boys to the fair and gave us much needed time together. They all had a blast. I think the boys took a 4 hour nap that day!
The boys first fair ride...a fire truck of course!

Peyton loved the jeep ride. At this point Parker had gotten scared on the big slides...he refused to talk to my mom for quite some time and would NOT get on another ride, not even trucks and jeeps! My parents said Peyton could have ridden all day long.

First soft drinks

My favorite...the Elephant Ear. YUM! They inhaled it:)

My mom didn't get pics at the animal barn...they were clinging too tight for her to get her camera out. I am so sad they don't like animals:( They did enjoy the pig races though!

Thanks Mi Mi, Papa, and aunt Mel for taking the boys to the fair and for giving us a day to ourselves.

Friday, November 16, 2007


WARNING: This is a long one...
Not to mention over 2 months late...I'm trying to catch up I promise:)
Welllll, our stay in California did not end like we planned. We were going to be flying out Monday morning Oct. 1....but Peyton had other things in mind. He had been running a fever since Saturday night but no other symptoms really. He had some wheezing and a cough by Sunday night but just when we was playing hard. Clearly by midnight I knew it was something more.

You will never forget the sound of a croup cough once you hear it. It sounds like an awful barking seal has left the zoo and landed in your home. Greaaat. You also will never forget the sound of stridor once you hear that as well. It is an awful high pitched sound that is made when one breaths in...the airway is restricted and it makes an awful, scary high pitched sound. Stridor usually comes hand in hand with croup and Mr. Peyton had both. He was sleeping OK, so we just let him sleep.

2 AM was a different story. He woke himself up in a coughing fit and then the stridor really kicked in. Croup is worse at night...often clearing up once daylight comes, only to return again at night. He was breathing a bit hard and scaring himself some so I got him out of bed and took him to the kitchen. I opened the freezer door and let him breath in the cold air. Usually the best at home treatment of croup is going outside in the cool air (which CA does not have...not cold enough and too dry), opening the freezer door or steaming up the bathroom with hot water and breathing in the warm moist air. The freezer did the trick and he calmed down and fell back asleep.

I began making further plans in my head in case this got worse. I really thought we would make it until morning. I called my friends in the Peds ICU at CHOC where I used to work. I wanted to know where the nearest kid friendly ER was...just in case. We were a good 45 minutes from CHOC...much too far to drive a child with breathing difficulties. The next nearest children's hospital, Loma Linda, was about 25 minuets...still too far. I wanted a game plan just in case. I googled the nearest community ER knowing they could provide care and transfer us if we needed peds specific care. I put Peyton back to be and woke Chris up to let him know what was going on.

I didn't sleep long. By 3 am the sound of his stridor woke ME up. I could not for the life of me figure out how he was getting enough oxygen. I lifted up his shirt and he was retracting so bad you could see all his ribs, his stomach was sucking in and the area around is collar bone was sinking scared me! In all the commotion Parker woke up and now we had two freaked out 2 year olds. We got Peyton to the freezer again but he was so freaked out and the stridor and cough so bad he didn't look like he was getting any air. The noise alone would scare anyone and the site of him struggling to breath made me want to cry. I have seen plenty of kids in respiratory distress and he had me scared. Along with the stridor I heard wheezing, all without a stethoscope and knew he needed a breathing treatment. Thankfully the friends we were staying with had a nebulizer and Albuterol. Poor Kim, I frantically woke her up and had her get me the med and nebulizer. I got about 1/2 a breathing treatment in him and realized he was going to need some steroids and racemic epi...only to be gotten in the ER. I knew he was in bad shape when he didn't fight the breathing treatment. Poor Parker was laying down on the kitchen floor with his blanket just watching us. He knew something was wrong with his brother and would not leave him to go back to bed. I quickly grabbed my purse and we threw Peyton in the car. I got down the street and was having second thoughts about driving him to the ER...maybe we should have called an ambulance. He was still struggling and coughing...I prayed we would make it to the ER fast and that it wouldn't be busy.

We made it there in less than 10 should have taken 15-20 minutes...I however, was flying. We walked in the ER door, they took one look at us and took us right back. They did have a peds section to the ER but no peds specific providers. The ER doc was wonderful as was the respiratory therapists. The nurses...well lets just say they were not peds oriented at all. Trauma maybe...peds, nope. The cussing during the placement of his IV was my first clue. Of course a scared 2 year old is not going to lie still while STRANGERS poke him with a NEEDLE. If it wasn't for the maturity of an adult...we wouldn't lie there either...some don't. I was happy the racemic epi breathing treatments were working and hoped the shots of steroids would kick in. Usually this is all it takes and you are on your way home. I had even called Chris to tell him that I didn't think we would be flying home that day but that maybe he and Parker could head home. Soon after that he began needing the breathing treatments more frequently and started struggling to breath again. He seemed to be having a rebound effect after the Racemic Epi breathing treatments. Initially they would help and then he would be worse frustrating and scary. There came a moment when he was slumped over in bed, too tired to do anything but try to breath. He wanted nothing to drink, did not want me to hold him and would not even cry or answer me. His breathing rate was in the 60's and his oxygen levels were dipping down to 88-89%. This was much to high breathing for a 2 year old and normal oxygen levels are 98-100%. I pressed the nurse call button...and NOTHING. No one was coming. I poked my head out the door and not a soul in sight. I couldn't leave him.... Finally another nurse walked in and looked at him and said she thought he needed some oxygen. Gee, really? Maybe a visit from the respiratory therapist would be nice too. Obviously she was not impressed with his lack of normal breathing because she never came back with the oxygen mask she offered. I quite frankly thought he needed more than a mask. His nurse later walked in and I told him I thought he was struggling a bit more to breath and his oxygen levels were dropping at times. He stood and looked at the monitor and watched Peyton sleep...I guess he thought since he was sleeping he was OK...uh, maybe he is sleeping b/c he has worn himself out TRYING TO BREATH. I did not think it would take a "peds" nurse to figure out this kid was struggling. Maybe I've been in the peds field too many years and it is natural to me....but I really think any mom out there would realize something was NOT right. It would have taken me less than 10 seconds as a peds nurse to walk in the room and realize things were NOT OK and to call a respiratory therapist. I finally asked the nurse to call a RT and he said he would. Time was ticking away and things were not getting better. No RT was coming and I was on the verge of tears and panic. Mom mode was setting in and I was scared. I began thinking am I going to have to switch to nurse mode...I had seen way to many kids go "down hill" and fast. I guess I knew too much at this point and I was thinking of the worse. FINALLY the RT walked in and took one look at Peyton and began to move fast....I lost it at this point and broke into tears. Someone was helping my son and my gut feeling had been right. It was too close to a bad situation for my liking. The RT was WONDERFUL and jumped into action fast. She called to Dr. and began treating Peyton. I told her I was scared of the nursing care he was getting and that they were not taking his situation seriously. I am sure they are good nurses but I did not feel they were peds friendly or assertive enough. The Dr. walked in and promptly told us we were not going anywhere and that he was calling for a transport team to take us to a children's hospital. Music to my ears! There were 2 children's hospitals to choose from and I quickly asked for CHOC. Having worked there for 3 years I knew he would be in GREAT hands. I knew a lot of the transport team and felt very good they would take great care of him. I could sit back and be a mom.

I always wondered how I would handle my own kids being sick after working with really sick kids all these years. It's funny how you fall into mom mode first. Once you come to grips that your child is sick, then you begin to let your nursing knowledge filter in. I tend to let things ride a little longer before calling our Dr. b/c I feel OK treating things at home first. Usually by the time I call the Dr. I know they need to be seen. This illness with Peyton REALLY SCARED me b/c this was the stuff I saw IN the hospital, not at home. I knew enough to realize he could go down hill fast and yet I was at home without my "safety zone" of support equipment. A very scary moment when you see your kid struggling to breath, not getting any air in and yet knowing just what he needs...just not having it! It's knowing too much and automatically thinking the worst. Working in Peds ICU you prepare for the worst so if it does happen you already have things ready to go and in your head have already thought about the steps you will take. Its critical thinking and helps in an emergency for things to run smoothly. However, it is very scary when it is your child and you are thinking of these steps but yet can't do ANYTHING b/c you are at HOME. Panic was an understatement that night standing in the kitchen trying to decide how to help him. Panic was in the ER when I felt the nurses were not seeing what I was seeing. There is something to be said for pediatric trained health care providers and hospitals. I always took it for granted b/c I have always worked with peds trained health care providers and in children's I understand the need for them. Children are NOT little adults. They give little warning before getting really sick, really fast. Thankfully in the community ER we went to the Dr. and Respiratory therapist were WONDERFUL. They gave us the care we needed and were smart enough to realize when we needed something they could not offer. All this to say, be proactive for your child. As a nurse we always say "parent's know their child best". We always listen to the parents. If they ever say "something is not right with my child"....they are right more times than not.

I have never been so relieved as I was when the CHOC transport team walked through the doors. 4 pediatric trained providers to safely get my child the treatment he needed. I knew 2 of the people and was more than happy to hand Peyton over to them. They let us put all the medical equipment on him so it would not freak him out. They let Chris buckle him in the car seat on the stretcher and gave him a bear to hold for the ride. He did not freak out once!

Sadly we did not have our camera near by to capture his first ambulance ride. Parker was quite excited to see the ambulance and wanted to "get in" with "Pey Pey". Peyton was a bit too sick to enjoy all the fuss and to even realize the ambulance was there. Not sure how it would have sounded if I had said, "Can you pause just a moment before you put my child struggling to breath in your ambulance while I take a picture?".... I did remember at the last minute that I could use my camera phone but they already had Peyton tucked safely inside.

Peyton's ride to CHOC. He was tucked away safely inside before I grabbed this shot with my camera phone.
Asleep in his room at CHOC. Obviously rides in an ambulance can wear you out!

Parker checking on "brough". He was NOT happy to leave "Pey Pey" at the hospital. Parker was FINE when I left the hospital with him to go back to our friend's house about 45 minutes away. We were sitting in good ole CA traffic and I had just gotten off the phone with a friend saying things could be much least they are not puking! NEVER, NEVER say this...not 5 minutes later Parker threw up ALL over the car. Thank goodness it was a rental. We were stuck in traffic and I could not pull over. Oh, the smell. He kept saying "all done" and "gross"! Yes baby it is gross and I too am all done. Not having slept the night before I broke down in tears wondering how I was going to do this. I just wanted to be home and I wanted my mom! By the time we got to our friend's home his fever was 104 and he was starting to wheeze. Great! Thankfully we went to bed at 6pm and he did OK through the night. Lots of stridor and barky coughing but he did not have trouble breathing like Peyton did.

Chris called the next morning to say that Peyton had a really rough night and was not any better. The breathing treatments and steroids were not working. The x rays and CT scan of his neck showed quite a bit of soft tissue swelling, thus pressing on his airway. I knew this meant only one thing. They were sending him to the PICU. I felt OK b/c I knew all the Dr's and nurses there, this is where I had worked for 3 years. He would be in great hands. Our old pediatrician had seen Peyton's name on his list when he made rounds that morning and stopped in to see him. Thankfully he agreed to see Parker in his office later that morning. All it took was being in the same room as Parker to hear his stridor...after seeing Peyton's condition at the hospital he gave me some oral steroids for Parker to try to ward off it getting any worse. Thankfully it worked and Parker never got any worse. We were ready for a break! Off to the hospital we headed so I could trade places with Chris. He needed a shower, clean clothes, food and some sleep. I was anxious to see Peyton in the ICU and also to see my old friends.

Insert Dad/Husband of the year award here. Both times that we have had a child in the hospital overnight for multiple nights Chris has been the one to stay. It has allowed me to go home both times to care for our other child and to get the much needed sleep that you do not get in a hospital. I take most of the day shifts at the hospital and he takes the nights. I could not ask for more!

This is how I found Peyton in the PICU...does not look like an ICU patient to me:) Sitting in bed playing with toys. What a relief. It seems rolling through the doors of the ICU was all he needed to turn the corner. The Docs were waiting to put in a breathing tube and this is what they found! Obviously the steroids had kicked in and his airway was more stable. They watched him for 8 hours and then sent him back to the general peds floor. He went home the next morning!

My favorite pic from his hospital stay! ALL he would eat was chocolate pudding with whipped cream. At that point it was whatever would keep him quiet and food in his belly. The more upset he got the worse his stridor and breathing it was whatever he wanted. I think he was living it up b/c he quickly learned there were not many consequences for his behavior as we did not want him upset. This took a good 2 weeks to break!

Peyton was discharged from the hospital that Wednesday. Chris and Parker flew home that day. Peyton and I stayed one day longer to make sure he was strong enough and well enough to fly. The dry air in the plane could make the croup worse. Thankfully, we were all back in GA by that Thursday, several days behind schedule.

"Thank You" is not enough to cover all Brad and Kim did for us. I am sure we overstayed our welcome by many days. 4 sick kids in a house being remodeled would be enough to drive the sanity from many of us. Now that all is said and done...we are all well and their remodeled kitchen looks fabulous!

Boys and their toys

Luke was so wonderful to share ALL his toys with the boys. He was always helping out, showing them what to do and playing big brother....he is only 6 months older but years beyond the boys. They all loved playing outside and had a blast on all Luke's riding toys.

This was the night the boys got sick. I thought I had heard Peyton wheezing while running around and knew he had been running fever. However, once he stopped and sat down...the wheezing went away. If we only knew what our night was going to be like...


Daddy and Parker...his legs were a bit too short:(
Luke showing Peyton "how to".
OK, not quite what we had in mind for showing the boys "how to pee like big boys"...the toilet Luke, the toilet... very funny anyway (sorry Kim, it was too cute not to post). Not quite as funny as the story you posted here.

Of course Parker found a truck!

Supporting our 2 favorite things!

We were able to go to California to visit our friends because Chris was going to be out there working. There was a store grand opening in Moreno Valley that he was helping with Food Distribution. This was very near our old store, home and friends so we all went along.

The weekend before a store in California opens, Food Distribution is done. This serves several purposes out there. Here, on the East coast they mostly hand out coupons for free food for the grand opening and everybody LOVES it. Back in 2004 when we were out there for the first freestanding store openings ( the mall stores had been there for 20+ years) no one knew what the heck Chick-fil-A was, let alone what the BOG was for. You know...the Be Our Guest card, usually for a free Chicken sandwich. Food Distribution was created so we could get the taste of the food in the people's mouths and a free coupon to come back for the opening. How many times have you gotten coupons for food in the mail and thrown them away b/c you have never heard of the restaurant? Since we didn't want this to happen we would hand out 10,000 Chick-fil-A original sandwiches the Friday and Saturday before the store opened. This way we could get people hooked and excited about their coupon!

Things have changed a lot since 2004 and MANY more people know what to expect now. They even know it is a food restaurant and not a girls clothing kidding. I am sure the operators out there meet new people everyday trying the food for the first time. Chick a fil... Chick fil a (short a)... just some of the common pronunciations we would here. Chick a fil? Come on people...the "a" is at the END of the word. No, we are not a mom and pop restaurant. No, we do not sell whole chickens. No fish on the menu. Sweet tea is made with tea and SUGAR...and my favorite: "where are you from...Texas?" Nope! Georgia..."where is that?" are killing me people! Fun times.

It will always be neat to say we were part of the West Coast Expansion with Chick-fil-A. It was such an honor to represent the Cathy family and the restaurant business while there for 3 years. We made many life long friends, both in the community and in the company. It was really neat to share good southern hospitality in a restaurant and to introduce people to the best chicken sandwich ever! We had multiple opportunities to share the Corporate Purpose of the company (To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us. To have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A) and the reasons we are closed on Sunday. Yes, the company is really founded on biblical principles and no we the owner/operators are not Mormon. I guess we lived close to Utah and they associated all the "good" the restaurant and company did with Mormons? I just wish the boys would remember being a part of it all. I was pregnant with them when we opened the store in Corona, CA (though we didn't know it at the time)...the blue bows announcing their arrival hung on the store doors, they dressed as cows on cow appreciation day and made it in the local paper...such fun memories.

Watching daddy pass out the famous Chicken sandwiches...they loved the fact that he had a cow on his shirt! They loved watching the big trucks go by even more. Funny thing is, out there a big jacked up truck does not = is usually some rich kid with too much of mommy and daddy's money...very preppy and hip...not hunting and such.

Sampling some of the food and supporting their two favorite things. Chick-fil-A and Clemson!


What a fitting shirt for the occasion...although it really means the Gamecocks...but people out there have never heard of Clemson, let alone the Gamecocks:)

What a beautiful shoe! Supporting their team from head to toe!

Mom of the Year goes to...

Not me! Not only have I neglected our blog and posting recent pics of our sweet boys (sorry grand ma's), I didn't take the boys to the Dr. when I first made their apt. this week b/c I thought they were better and not running fever anymore. Who wants to pay 2 co pays for the Dr. to tell you that you have colds? Seeing that our pediatrician's housekeeper has all our money for the month:) I really didn't think we needed to go. Advance 2 days and we have more fever and a nasty to the Dr. we go b/c it is Friday and the weekend is coming. 4 ear infections! Boy don't I feel guilty. Hence the no posts since October sometime. The boys have been sick every week with something since originally getting sick in California the beginning of October. No Fun at all! Then we wonder why the budget is blown for the month....oh, maybe we should allot more for our health care section...clearly we are going to need it. All this to say that is where we have been: croup in California=hospital stay, colds and ear infections before Halloween, Hernia surgery for Parker, tummy bug for Peyton, and now cold and ear infections again! Sheesh, can't we get a break! However, I am VERY thankful we are dealing with run of the mill childhood illnesses that disappears after a week and nothing more serious. Also, VERY thankful for health insurance even though the bills have hurt. We could be owing the hospital in CA $15,000 for Peyton's 3 day stay...I really shouldn't complain about our co pays and deductibles. Choose your gripes Martha, this need not be one of them.

Oh, and one more guilt confession while I am at it. Tried a new form of discipline this week. Peyton has gotten really bad at telling you "NO" when you ask him to do something. Time out has not worked and the spanking spoon does not seem to get the change in behavior we are looking for. Sooooo, after he had told me "NO" for the 10th time on Wednesday and neither of the above disciplines had worked...I broke out the Tabasco sauce. I figured washing his mouth out with soap was a bit much so...yeah, well you get the picture. It was ONLY enough to get my fingertip wet so I could touch his tongue. Lets just say I have not heard "NO" again...not saying that it won't happen, but he seems to have made a connection. You would have thought I had poisoned the boy with all the coughing, sputtering and gagging that took place. He was SOOOO mad at me. I finally relented and gave him his juice to which he chugged, took a break to scream some more and then chugged again. For effect, the Tabasco jar is still sitting in site on our counter top. Yep I of the year. I did get the idea from a dear friend of mine in CA who used it with her OLDER kids when they would get "sassy mouth"....don't you think "NO" is a close relative to "sassy mouth"? No need to answer.

So now on to finishing off our California trip pictures from the BEGINNING of October. I promise to get to the Halloween pics ( grand ma's and aunt Mel)...after all, they were the darn cutest Cowboy and Indian you have ever seen:)

Our old church in So Cal, Sandals, was having spirit night at our old Chick-fil-A. Chris was working (hence our trip out there)...hey someone had to work so we could play:)... so the boys and I stopped by to see church friends and many of our former team members. The boys loved the food, naturally, and it was great catching up with everyone. Wish I had taken more pics...but I thought we were going back to the store with Chris and to church on Sunday...insert Peyton getting sick and the hospital here. I did get a few though.

Jenn, our former General Manager, and her little girl. She still works at the store!

Peyton playing in the best Chick-fil-A toddler area I have seen...and it just happened to be at daddy's old store. I haven't seen another like it, even here in GA. An area for the toddlers to climb too!
What a difference a little over a year makes. The boys visiting dad at work in July of '06. Parker on left and Peyton looking up.
Peyton and daddy at the store in July '06.

The boys playing so sweet...hide and go seek. Parker started calling Peyton "Peytay" this night instead of "Pey Pey".
Parker, " Who the heck are you!" Our friends Amanda and Mikey. Amanda used to be our Unit Marketing Director at the store. Now she works for Sandals. Mikey and I did "little groups" together at Sandals. Little Groups is small group for kids. While the parents are at their location having small group, the kiddos are at another location having their own small group:)
I guess Peyton doesn't remember Mikey...he used to babysit the boys and is WONDERFUL with kids. Parker was loving Ms. Amanda...she watched them a lot too. They are going to make wonderful parents....'cause now they are getting MARRIED! How cool is that. I'm not sure if they even knew each other when we left CA...we go back for a visit and find out they are engaged! Very, very cool.