Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Friday

Well, we finally made it! Back to Tiger Town for the First Friday parade. We haven't been to one since our college days...I know, so sad. We were determined to take the kids this year. Making sure we bring them up right ya know! It was a wonderful evening with great friends and a beautiful campus. Goforth's and Gadd's-thanks for letting us join in on your yearly adventure. We had a wonderful time.

a supper picnic on Bowman

gathering for the parade

"you mean you're really going to make me sit in here...all strapped in?"
Wonder what is coming?

a Clemson firetruck of course!
She picked up on the fight song very quickly...pumping her little arm as fast as she could!

"...fight Tigers, fight Tigers, fight, fight, fight!"

practicing her heal stretch...now we've just got to make sure its the other leg!

the tractor was a HUGE hit!

someone charmed her way out of the stroller...you are a good man Mr. Gadd

just like old times...missing a few of the bunch

twins everywhere!

Chris added this to his Christmas list...the boat, not the girls:)

"Look daddy!"

"another firetruck!"

making friends with everyone...she really did enjoy it more out of the stroller, she was so animated and loving life. She saw something she knows quite well....

FINALLY Clemson has one to call their own!

and the grand finale...the street sweeper. I seriously think it was the boys favorite part. Everyone was packing up and leaving...except our two monkeys who faithfully stayed until the very end
then we had some football on Bowman
taking it all in
maybe we will have a repeat picture of this in 14 years!

future Tiger grads