Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Remembering Memorial Day

We had a wonderful time at Chris' grandparent's house at the lake for Memorial Day. The boys always make themselves right at home anywhere we take them. They enjoyed their new pool...they, however, did NOT enjoy the lake. We hope to change this, we shall see. I think the floating in life jackets freaked them out because they didn't mind having them on...just as long as they weren't in the water...and they love water? Sadly, we did take the pool back after this weekend. It was much too complicated and required A LOT of water. The hose had to be on full blast all the time to keep the pool inflated...who thought of this and don't they know we are in a drought?


Oh, the life of a two year old


What is better than a good meal and a back porch?

Ahh, a swing on the back porch with two cute boys!

Fish kisses for mom

Snack time before church

Peyton NOT loving the lake

Parker watching in wonder as Peyton takes his dip

Parker: OK, me either

Who needs a bath when your at the lake?

A good laugh!

I am constantly after my parents to "toddler proof" their house before we come. It is hard for them to think of ALL things as you seem to forget that toddlers get into EVERYTHING. Each time they get better at it...but there is always something that gets left out. This one had me laughing, that good belly roll laughing. I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes:) Peyton was just so matter of fact about the whole thing. It was as if it had been left there for his enjoyment...he didn't try to hide it, he didn't try to run, he didn't even offer an "I'm sorry" like he usually does when he knows he is in trouble and headed to time out. Nope, Nothing. One quick glance at the camera and back to his newly found treasure and watching TV...Just like Popa does. Who doesn't enjoy a good snack with their favorite TV show? The Wiggles were on and he was 100% satisfied with his after breakfast snack and show. content little boy!

Maybe if I ignore her she will go away and let me be...after all I am at Popa's and clearly there are no rules here...

As if to say: "well, what ya gonna do about it...I am in Popa's chair, eating Popa's snack...his loss".

Same morning... You would think I didn't feed the boy!

At least he shared some with Parker...maybe Grammy and Popa will remember to put the food away next time:)

Clearly I am trying to play catch up. These were from our visit the end of May. That is when I left my computer and couldn't post anything. I will be trying to get it all in very soon. Good grief, I never did Easter...wasn't that in March or excuse for that one. See ya real soon.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy 4th on the 12th!

What better way to spend the 4th than at the lake! We went up to Hannie and Pa Pa's house for the annual 4th of July picnic on the lawn...much like Memorial Day and Labor Day. The boys had a blast and Chris and I got some much needed "time off" as there are more than enough willing people to take them off our hands for awhile. We didn't try the lake this time but they loved the new pool. The Memorial Day pool was packed up and sent back! Hope you all had a wonderful 4th. We are looking forward to the Labor Day will be extra fun this year with the Bowden Bowl taking place just 45 minutes away. What a perfect holiday weekend it is going to be: the lake, good food, "First Friday Parade" on Sunday, good food, Celmson tailgaiting, lots of good food, Clemson game and great friends....who could ask for a better holiday weekend. See you there!

Daddy helping Peyton down the slide

Enjoying all the yummy food at the picnic with Gi Gi

What is the 4th without some good icecream?

Racing trucks with Uncle Greg and Daddy

Peyton and Greg watching the ducks

Parker's favorite past time with Uncle Greg

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

They said they would...and they did!

Well, they were right after all! All the boys doctors (NICU, Gastroenterologist and Pediatrician) said that by age two they would catch up. What a road it has been, well traveled and lots of fun along the way. Starting at 3 lbs 10 oz (Parker) and 4 lbs 3 oz (Peyton), it was hard at the time to imagine the boys they have become. God blessed us with two healthy boys who have continued to amaze us over these 2 years. You would never look at them today and realize they were born at 32 weeks. From IV feedings to tube feeding to breast and bottle...clearly they have made up for lost time.

Through the first year they were "approaching" the charts for height and weight. By one year we were on the carts (wohoo!) @ 5% in both categories. 18 months we were at 10% for height and weight. Drum Roll Please........ Today at their 2 year check up they were 25-27 lbs each (who can get a 2 year old to stand still on a scale?) and 35 inches tall....that would be 50th% for weight and ......75th% for height! Wow...we must be doing something right:) Sadly, their feet are still lagging behind....only a 5 1/2:( Oh well, you can't be too greedy! I guess those MDs do know what they are talking about after all:)

They are still a bit behind in language but we are seeing monthly progress. They said as long as we are seeing them progress there is nothing to worry about now. They have their own language and are just content to talk to each other....they are beginning to name things for us and ask for milk and juice. Peyton has just started putting 2 words together and I am sure Parker is not too far behind. I must say it is fun to watch them interact with each other and jabber away, clearly understanding what the other is saying. It is so funny to watch them get in a dispute and jabber away at each other with these upset and angry looks on their faces. If only we knew what they were saying! I am sure a day will come when we wish we had a few moments of piece and quiet!

We are so thankful and feel so blessed to have to healthy kiddos. I wish their Dr's and nurses in the NICU in CA could see them now. We hope to take them back for a visit when we go in September. As a nurse is so rewarding to see your former patients come back and visit, to see how far they have come. It makes all those long days and stressful situations well worth it. It really is better than any paycheck you could receive...defiantly more fulfilling! Thank you to all the nurses and Dr's out their that take care of kiddos everyday. You are greatly appreciated!