Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rainy Day Blues

Rain, Rain, go away...Come again some other day,Peyton and Parker want to go out and play! Don't get me wrong, I love a good rain and especially a good thunderstorm! Things change a bit when you have toddlers....going outside is a must EVERYDAY and they are not so fond of the thunder:( So we did the best we could, and pulled up a bench...and watched it rain and rain and rain. This was our first rain sans tornado sirens and warnings....I was beginning to wonder if we had moved to Kansas! Since moving her we have had 3 tornado storms....2 in the same weekend. The closest one that touched down was, thankfully, a few miles from here. The last storm hit south of us and did awful damage. The same storm killed several high school students in Alabama. I am beginning to think the earthquake tremors were not all so bad after all back in California. I love a good summer late afternoon thunderstorm.....minus the tornadoes of course. I hope this summer will bring "pleasant" storms...the kind you can sit on your front "stoop" and watch roll across the sky....ahhhh the smell of fresh rain, a warm blanket and a good book! Hopefully the boys will grow to love the rain too. Until then, we will take great joy in all our sunny outdoor days.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Meet Gary...

The boys LOVE their swing....Chris took is upon himself to name it for them. They love being outside and now swinging is one of their favorites! Thanks to Popa (Martha's dad) they now have a place to hang their swing from! I think for the longest time they thought it was just another toy on the ground:) Gary is one of our favorite additions to our family....a swing for two, how perfect! The boys love swinging and watching the golfers. They are sure to announce when the next golf cart pulls up to the hole. Finally, a new word! Chris loves this one:)

Our posts have been sporadic because our camera is still broken:( I had to wait until Grammy (Martha's mom) was in town with her camera. We found our warranty and now the camera is at the repair shop. Hopefully only one more week! The boys are loving "school" and their new friends. They HATE having their hands dirty, thus finger painting has not been a big hit. Picture day was an adventure their teacher said...we shall see. Can you imagine trying to get a bunch of 15-20 month olds all together and sitting for a class picture? I am afraid my two are going to be the ones that spoiled the shot! We are loving all this spring weather and looking forward to when the pool opens! They have found the outside water "spicket" and beg for us to turn the water on. We finally gave in on Sunday....clothes, shoes and all....they had a great time, freezing water and all. I wish I had my camera!

Monday, March 05, 2007

First day of "school"

Ok, so I finally gave in and put the boys in mother's morning out....they call it preschool but mother's morning out makes me feel less guilty. I can't believe they are 20 months already, they are growing much too fast. I am hoping they will have a wonderful time, learn to talk and give me a chance to get things done! No big deal right? Why then did I feel so bad dropping them off that first day? Much to my delight, they had a great day and were very excited to see me when I picked them up. They were mixed up, wearing the wrong name tags....but hey they were happy, right. Peyton learned to color without eating the crayon.....and Parker slept, in his teachers arms non the less. He never sits still long enough at home to fall asleep, let alone sleep in our arms! The preschool director met me as I was coming in the door...great, it's only been 3 hours what have the boys done now, who did Parker bite? Whew, they were great but a long way from "fitting in" with the rest of the "older one's"....all the other kids towered over them and were light years ahead of them in vocabulary and skills. I took a look at the "younger ones"....ah much bettter, just their size! We forget how little they are compared to kids their age....then I have to remind myself their birthday should be August, not June! Needless to say I had no problem at all droping them off this week!

"dad, I had a GREAT day!"

What's that you've got brother?

Wow, look at the big truck!