Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Not my child"

What fun! A bit of a change up from "Not Me" Monday. A bit of attention for our kids...isn't that what we really want anyway but would never really admit...yup, that's what I thought. MckMama's monkeys mishaps can be found here. What a great break for today!

Our kids are just the perfect example of an all American family. They are perfectly dressed, well mannered, and of course always a delight to be around. They say "please" and "thank you" without prompting and of course never utter the word "NO" to us. They are a delight all the time...and they didn't require any parenting what so ever to get this way. Lucky us!

Certainly you can see why our precious monkeys have never done any of the following...ever.

-Parker caught "goosing" the gentleman bent over in front of him...while waiting in line to jump in a bouncy house. Yes, my friends..."goose" know "checked his oil"...stuck his cute little chubby finger in the nice gentleman's..well, you know...bottom hole. Nope, did NOT happen. I was NOT mortified and did not hope and pray no one else saw either...while tears were running down my face from trying not to laugh out loud. I mean, what else could one do? He wasn't looking for attention, did not laugh and did not even look around to see if anyone was watching. The gentleman never even turned around. Just when I thought we were in the clear I felt a tap on my shoulder: "mam, I do believe that is the funniest thing I have ever seen"...uh, thank you? I was REALLY hoping no one saw!

-Neighborhood boy we hired to cut our grass comes to the door to introduce himself. Pleasantries out of the way and I turn to see my 3 year old twirling a rather large set of dice around his know, the ones joined together by a string. The ones you receive at a lingerie shower in college because it is so with body parts...the other with actions...yep, that kind! By now my face is as red as the dice and I am praying fervently that he does not let go of them and watch them tumble to land at this nice boys feet. Oh.My.Word. MORTIFIED! I have not seen these set of dice in YEARS...and my son just happens to find them in a box we are unpacking. NICE. So what does any good mom do? Pretend I see nothing and go about my business pretending it all really is no big deal...b/c it's not...right?

-Same day, same neighborhood kid, different kid of mine. Anna Claire is missing...and so is her diaper...alas, she is found on our back deck watching this now very cultured young man cut our grass...butt necked...and peeing! GREAT! Have I mentioned we JUST moved in...I'm pretty sure he is NEVER coming back to cut our grass again! I can only imagine the stories circulating about us now. "You know that nice young family that just moved in....he works for that wonderful company that is closed on Sundays, serves great chicken, and knows Jesus...yeah, well have you heard what they let their kids play with....." I can hear it now. Small town g.o.s.s.i.p at its best. GREAT 1st impression Darley's!

-Sitting on the beach down by the 2 full moons appear. A very crowded public beach mind you. "Boys," "Mom, Dad told us to go pee in the ocean"....that he did! Maybe a little more discreetly next time, K? OK!

-I did not find my 16 month old daughter hiding in the kitchen just the other day...being rather quiet. She was not into something she shouldn't be...a rather full tube of my mac lipstick...attempting to apply some ever so carefully as to not alert mom to her mishap. She didn't pucker up for a kiss as soon as she saw me. Nope...I didn't take a picture to remember this day by either.

Oh kids! You gotta love em. At least we can look back on all these horriably embarassing or incredably frustrating moments and's usually a good belly roll laugh too:) Plus, they make great blog and rehersal dinner stories too! I'm pretty sure that picture of AC will be in her rehersal dinner slide show:)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Belated 4th

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!!!! We sure did...and it wasn't even that hot out! How's that for the south on the 4th, unheard of quite frankly.

This was our 1st year not celebrating at the lake but we made the best of it and had Chris' family over to our new place instead. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy our new neighborhood...well, I guess not, that would have required a post...or two. We love it! It is the all American southern neighborhood I have always pictured when thinking of where I wanted to raise a family. It is small and everyone knows everyone...both good and bad. The neighbors watch out for everyone and watch out for everyone's kids:) There is a swim team and EVERYONE who has kids is involved. I HEART this and can't wait for the kids to be old enough to join.

It just so happened that we were in town for our first neighborhood event....a 4th of July parade. The kids had a blast and the parents too. The boys were so excited decorating their tricycles. Growing up I would always go to to my best friends house in NC for the 4th. My ideas for a neighborhood like this came from her neighborhood. Swim team....everyone in their yards on summer nights...4th of July parades to the pool. I was in love. Now I am thrilled it is a reality for us and our kids. My neighborhood growing up was nothing like this. Have I mentioned I think our new neighborhood is pretty swell:)

Ready to meet up with everyone for the parade

Of course the best part is ending at the pool for firecracker popsicles, swimming and a cookout!

I think she likes it? Sharing....nope

Happy 4th

a July 4th pedicure for her big day