Saturday, July 18, 2009

Belated 4th

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!!!! We sure did...and it wasn't even that hot out! How's that for the south on the 4th, unheard of quite frankly.

This was our 1st year not celebrating at the lake but we made the best of it and had Chris' family over to our new place instead. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy our new neighborhood...well, I guess not, that would have required a post...or two. We love it! It is the all American southern neighborhood I have always pictured when thinking of where I wanted to raise a family. It is small and everyone knows everyone...both good and bad. The neighbors watch out for everyone and watch out for everyone's kids:) There is a swim team and EVERYONE who has kids is involved. I HEART this and can't wait for the kids to be old enough to join.

It just so happened that we were in town for our first neighborhood event....a 4th of July parade. The kids had a blast and the parents too. The boys were so excited decorating their tricycles. Growing up I would always go to to my best friends house in NC for the 4th. My ideas for a neighborhood like this came from her neighborhood. Swim team....everyone in their yards on summer nights...4th of July parades to the pool. I was in love. Now I am thrilled it is a reality for us and our kids. My neighborhood growing up was nothing like this. Have I mentioned I think our new neighborhood is pretty swell:)

Ready to meet up with everyone for the parade

Of course the best part is ending at the pool for firecracker popsicles, swimming and a cookout!

I think she likes it? Sharing....nope

Happy 4th

a July 4th pedicure for her big day

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