Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day...By Chris

So Mother's Day is coming to a close and it was a crazy day...

I'm sure Martha will add some thoughts later, but I just want to go on record to say what an AMAZING WIFE I HAVE! She put up with 2 almost 4 year olds today after no nap yesterday and for those who know our beautiful boys, spells almost certain disaster. She loved on a little girl who evidently has her daddy's allergies and has not been feeling to well the past few days. Martha won't complain about anything. She does so much and never wants any recognition or praise. This is one of her many amazing qualities. It is not all about her. She is all about others. I love that about her. Actually:

I just love her!

So, Mother's Day is about remembering/recognizing those special Mom's out there. So here I am to say: You might have a great wife, but mine is the best!!!

Peyton going full tilt on his cheesy smile, Parker just trying to get in the picture,
and Anna Claire informing us that she really doesn't want to keep her shoes on!

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Anonymous said...

Your wife does ROCK! I love her to pieces! She's so amazing! Happy Mommy's Day!