Friday, November 06, 2009


I wish I could click the shutter and freeze time right where we are at. The kids are at such fun ages, we are getting settled into life in our new town, business is great, new friends, fantastic small group....Click. I want to capture everything just as it is, right now, in this moment.

The kids are growing much too fast for my liking. Fall is here and the leaves are gorgeous. I know winter is just around the corner and some days it feels like high school graduation is too...sniff, sniff. So I must stop and enjoy each moment, soak in its warm embrace. Capture every cute smile, funny words, terrible tantrum...for the kids will be off and gone much too soon. I want to stop life right where we are at. Click. Mental pictures to be stored forever; pulled back out on rainy days. Held onto for those days to come when I will not be making breakfast, packing lunch, wiping bottoms, cleaning messes for the 3rd time that day and snuggling in bed at night. For the days when my arms will be much too light. It will be then that I can pull out these mental pictures I have snapped and feel full again.

Then I worry about my memory:)....and that my friends is why we make capturing these times part of our budget. It is an investment that I take seriously...I mean just look at my walls. Her pictures are EVERYWHERE! We need to itemize our insurance policy just to cover the pictures:) She has done what I can not do...made time stand still. For just a moment, Click. She captured the love. She grabbed the dimples. She caught "the look" know, the one that defines that child and that child only. We have original artwork created just for our family hanging on our walls and I LOVE it! I love that we will have these moments captured forever. To enjoy as the days grow long and then short again. For when the months turn into years. For the day when we point to a picture and say "that was your daddy when he was 4"....just warms my heart. I love this stage of life. Never a dull moment, rarely a quiet one. Click. Dimpled cheeks and pudgy toes. Click. Round bellies and chubby fingers.Click.Click.Click.

Thank you Sara for capturing these moments for us. For me when my memory has difficulty retrieving the moments I have frozen. For me when my days are long and I feel like I am in a fog. Thank you for capturing our life. Thank you for your friendship, your time and for sharing your talent with us. You are gifted my friend.
Wish I could put them ALL on here. It took us forever to place our order. I'll have to show you the finished product when it comes in. We did something different this time... and I can not wait to get it on our walls! Thankfully we were able to get all the 5X7 proofs. Really, you thought I could just pick a few:)

We bought the bebe package from Sara when Anna Claire was born. These pictures below were for her 18 month and final session. We went back to our old stomping grounds in Newnan, GA to capture some of our time there. Part of the bebe package included a coffee table book with pictures from each session. I can not wait to get my hands on that! So fun to have a book with maternity pics all the way through 18 months!

These are the pics from her facebook page. Check out her art on her blog, her website and become a fan of Sara Anthony Photography on facebook. Then book a session with her and you too can freeze time. It really is that easy! You can thank me later:)

Every little girl needs a Matilda Jane outfit...really. Aren't the ruffle leggings not the yummiest thing you have ever seen!

The railroad tracks were their request. We used to drive over them everyday they went to preschool. They always wanted to stop and play. No worries, these are not in use anymore!

I love that Sara is adamant about getting our pictures too. I at first said no, but am sooo glad she insisted. I love that we have pictures of us as a couple on the walls with pictures of our kids!


and now for my favorites from the day. does not get much more girly than this! she graduated to a big girl tutu!


melt. my. heart


*all pictures posted with permission from Sara Anthony Photography*

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Friday

Well, we finally made it! Back to Tiger Town for the First Friday parade. We haven't been to one since our college days...I know, so sad. We were determined to take the kids this year. Making sure we bring them up right ya know! It was a wonderful evening with great friends and a beautiful campus. Goforth's and Gadd's-thanks for letting us join in on your yearly adventure. We had a wonderful time.

a supper picnic on Bowman

gathering for the parade

"you mean you're really going to make me sit in here...all strapped in?"
Wonder what is coming?

a Clemson firetruck of course!
She picked up on the fight song very quickly...pumping her little arm as fast as she could!

"...fight Tigers, fight Tigers, fight, fight, fight!"

practicing her heal we've just got to make sure its the other leg!

the tractor was a HUGE hit!

someone charmed her way out of the are a good man Mr. Gadd

just like old times...missing a few of the bunch

twins everywhere!

Chris added this to his Christmas list...the boat, not the girls:)

"Look daddy!"

"another firetruck!"

making friends with everyone...she really did enjoy it more out of the stroller, she was so animated and loving life. She saw something she knows quite well....

FINALLY Clemson has one to call their own!

and the grand finale...the street sweeper. I seriously think it was the boys favorite part. Everyone was packing up and leaving...except our two monkeys who faithfully stayed until the very end
then we had some football on Bowman
taking it all in
maybe we will have a repeat picture of this in 14 years!

future Tiger grads

Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Not my child"

What fun! A bit of a change up from "Not Me" Monday. A bit of attention for our kids...isn't that what we really want anyway but would never really admit...yup, that's what I thought. MckMama's monkeys mishaps can be found here. What a great break for today!

Our kids are just the perfect example of an all American family. They are perfectly dressed, well mannered, and of course always a delight to be around. They say "please" and "thank you" without prompting and of course never utter the word "NO" to us. They are a delight all the time...and they didn't require any parenting what so ever to get this way. Lucky us!

Certainly you can see why our precious monkeys have never done any of the following...ever.

-Parker caught "goosing" the gentleman bent over in front of him...while waiting in line to jump in a bouncy house. Yes, my friends..."goose" know "checked his oil"...stuck his cute little chubby finger in the nice gentleman's..well, you know...bottom hole. Nope, did NOT happen. I was NOT mortified and did not hope and pray no one else saw either...while tears were running down my face from trying not to laugh out loud. I mean, what else could one do? He wasn't looking for attention, did not laugh and did not even look around to see if anyone was watching. The gentleman never even turned around. Just when I thought we were in the clear I felt a tap on my shoulder: "mam, I do believe that is the funniest thing I have ever seen"...uh, thank you? I was REALLY hoping no one saw!

-Neighborhood boy we hired to cut our grass comes to the door to introduce himself. Pleasantries out of the way and I turn to see my 3 year old twirling a rather large set of dice around his know, the ones joined together by a string. The ones you receive at a lingerie shower in college because it is so with body parts...the other with actions...yep, that kind! By now my face is as red as the dice and I am praying fervently that he does not let go of them and watch them tumble to land at this nice boys feet. Oh.My.Word. MORTIFIED! I have not seen these set of dice in YEARS...and my son just happens to find them in a box we are unpacking. NICE. So what does any good mom do? Pretend I see nothing and go about my business pretending it all really is no big deal...b/c it's not...right?

-Same day, same neighborhood kid, different kid of mine. Anna Claire is missing...and so is her diaper...alas, she is found on our back deck watching this now very cultured young man cut our grass...butt necked...and peeing! GREAT! Have I mentioned we JUST moved in...I'm pretty sure he is NEVER coming back to cut our grass again! I can only imagine the stories circulating about us now. "You know that nice young family that just moved in....he works for that wonderful company that is closed on Sundays, serves great chicken, and knows Jesus...yeah, well have you heard what they let their kids play with....." I can hear it now. Small town g.o.s.s.i.p at its best. GREAT 1st impression Darley's!

-Sitting on the beach down by the 2 full moons appear. A very crowded public beach mind you. "Boys," "Mom, Dad told us to go pee in the ocean"....that he did! Maybe a little more discreetly next time, K? OK!

-I did not find my 16 month old daughter hiding in the kitchen just the other day...being rather quiet. She was not into something she shouldn't be...a rather full tube of my mac lipstick...attempting to apply some ever so carefully as to not alert mom to her mishap. She didn't pucker up for a kiss as soon as she saw me. Nope...I didn't take a picture to remember this day by either.

Oh kids! You gotta love em. At least we can look back on all these horriably embarassing or incredably frustrating moments and's usually a good belly roll laugh too:) Plus, they make great blog and rehersal dinner stories too! I'm pretty sure that picture of AC will be in her rehersal dinner slide show:)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Belated 4th

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!!!! We sure did...and it wasn't even that hot out! How's that for the south on the 4th, unheard of quite frankly.

This was our 1st year not celebrating at the lake but we made the best of it and had Chris' family over to our new place instead. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy our new neighborhood...well, I guess not, that would have required a post...or two. We love it! It is the all American southern neighborhood I have always pictured when thinking of where I wanted to raise a family. It is small and everyone knows everyone...both good and bad. The neighbors watch out for everyone and watch out for everyone's kids:) There is a swim team and EVERYONE who has kids is involved. I HEART this and can't wait for the kids to be old enough to join.

It just so happened that we were in town for our first neighborhood event....a 4th of July parade. The kids had a blast and the parents too. The boys were so excited decorating their tricycles. Growing up I would always go to to my best friends house in NC for the 4th. My ideas for a neighborhood like this came from her neighborhood. Swim team....everyone in their yards on summer nights...4th of July parades to the pool. I was in love. Now I am thrilled it is a reality for us and our kids. My neighborhood growing up was nothing like this. Have I mentioned I think our new neighborhood is pretty swell:)

Ready to meet up with everyone for the parade

Of course the best part is ending at the pool for firecracker popsicles, swimming and a cookout!

I think she likes it? Sharing....nope

Happy 4th

a July 4th pedicure for her big day

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day...By Chris

So Mother's Day is coming to a close and it was a crazy day...

I'm sure Martha will add some thoughts later, but I just want to go on record to say what an AMAZING WIFE I HAVE! She put up with 2 almost 4 year olds today after no nap yesterday and for those who know our beautiful boys, spells almost certain disaster. She loved on a little girl who evidently has her daddy's allergies and has not been feeling to well the past few days. Martha won't complain about anything. She does so much and never wants any recognition or praise. This is one of her many amazing qualities. It is not all about her. She is all about others. I love that about her. Actually:

I just love her!

So, Mother's Day is about remembering/recognizing those special Mom's out there. So here I am to say: You might have a great wife, but mine is the best!!!

Peyton going full tilt on his cheesy smile, Parker just trying to get in the picture,
and Anna Claire informing us that she really doesn't want to keep her shoes on!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Looky, Looky

What we have here! Pictures from our favorite "Miss" Sara of course! Oh and our favorite ONE year old. I know, I know, we can't believe it either...Miss Priss is one! Where is time going?

February 28th came and went just as her first year seemed to. Time is moving so fast these days...and speaking of moving...yep, that is what we did this past weekend! The 2 year itch people:) This time is for good though...well except that we are living with friends and thus of course will have to move again and such. Though it seems to have come out of the has been 9 L--O--N--G months in the making. I just haven't put all the details on here for various reasons. We are still in Georgia:) No big coast to coast move this time. We are getting some west coast flavor though:) Now to what you have been waiting for.

Sara did Miss Priss' one year session the week of our move...yes, very sadly this means we are no longer living next door to the most fabulous neighbors EVER. I know they will not miss the drama we have the boys create. We however, will miss our sweet friends and many lazy mornings and afternoons spent in our backyard sandbox or front driveways. Anna Claire will miss her fashion advise from Miss Ava and I will miss seeing their kids grow up. Gosh, Ava was just a wee little thing when we moved next door and now she is growing up so fast. Good thing we've got more sessions in the plans for later this year! The Lord truly blessed us with fabulous neighbors for our almost 2 1/2 years there.

OK, OK... here they are:

Happy Birthday Miss Priss. What a wonderfully surprising addition you have been to our family. We have enjoyed every moment of your giggles and grins, your belly laughs and yes even your full out on the floor tantrums at such a tender age...OK maybe not those but we are smitten non the less.

Be sure to check out Sara's blog for the rest of her sneak peak of our Miss Priss. For those of you who usually get our emails, we will be sure to let you know when the full set is available for your viewing pleasure. Don't can have these same great pics of your favorite monkey too...Sara is as sweet as her pictures are fabulous.

**All pictures snagged with permission from Sara of Sara Anthony Photography**

Monday, February 09, 2009

Nope, NOT ME!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Another week gone by...and boy has it been crazy around here...really it has. So this week will mostly be about what my kids Have NOT done, because you know...they are perfectly well mannered, well behaved and well, just perfect:) I really have not done anything too bad, so we will just focus on them:)

NO back talking and sassing has reared its ugly head this past Tabasco sauce needed.

My child did not if fact beg for a spanking when he saw me rummaging through the cabinet for said sauce.

Friday was just the most perfect day. Chocolate kisses eaten for breakfast...after asking for such and being told "no", 3 rolls of tape gone in "taping" a torn page in a book, hole cut in pj pants at the knee, because you know....the knee needed to "see", play tools thrown ONE BY ONE down the storm drain...never to be seen again. My child did NOT in fact stand in the middle of the kitchen and pee in his pants while looking right at me....that is non sense my friends. My children are perfect and would do NONE of the above mentioned fetes....ALL in ONE day!

I did NOT call my husband proclaiming that I was "done" for the day and that I would be disappearing once he arrived....all by lunch time. I kept myself cool, calm and collected all day long. Never wishing once that bedtime was only a few minutes away. I cherished every single moment with my children ALL day long, never once wishing the day was over.

Beautiful behaved children were seen the rest of the weekend...including running from us in the church parking lot, nearly hit by a jeep backing up.

I did not drive around with our van entertainment system still on the blitz this entire week. You know, from the "battery incident" of last weekend. I did not stop looking for the "code" after cleaning out only one of our two many junk drawers.

I did not leave the phone number for the dealership my husband so kindly looked up for me on the pad of paper all week either. It just never made it to the top of to my "to do" list.

Oh and to top it all off....the "code" was in the van the ENTIRE time! You know, right in the glove compartment dear husband had already "looked" in and declared "it is not in here":) Brilliant!

Parker did not if fact get in a talkument with me at a friends birthday party this weekend...over who the birthday boy was. We did agree that Noah was in fact the birthday boy's name...just did not agree on who Noah was. Clearly I was right in pointing to the handsome little boy in the blow up throne chair opening birthday gifts....However, Parker was adamant that Noah was in fact the older gentlemen in the corner across the room with....white hair and white facial hair:) AKA Noah's grandfather! I had to laugh at this one. For once, we were both right and seeing that Parker is just like his mother....we were both satisfied in being right. Yeah, I know, great quality to pass along. Working on this one!

Now what you really want anyway...PICTURES!

Yes, he really like to wear HIS hair like this...we may have a problem after all, aside from the hair do and the constant asking to wear my bracelets.

Parker sitting on my bathroom counter (his favorite spot) watching my put on my makeup (a favorite also) and proclaiming "mommy, when I get bigger, I am going to get me some of these" pointing to my bag of makeup. Lovely!

Do I really have a baby who is already feeding herself? sniff, sniff

"Liar, liar! See, mommy, I CAN sleep on my back...I don't always sleep sitting up."
"Just let me skip my morning nap and then make me raging mad when you offer me what you call 'milk' in a sippy cup non the less and cold at that....thank you, but, I prefer the natural kind and at a nice 98.6* thank you very much. If you were as mad as me, you would have fallen asleep on your back after all that screaming too!"

Lea, Krista, Amy, Catherine
Congratulations Chris and Amy...your wedding was beautiful and we had a wonderful time!

me, Catherine, Lea and Krista