Friday, November 06, 2009


I wish I could click the shutter and freeze time right where we are at. The kids are at such fun ages, we are getting settled into life in our new town, business is great, new friends, fantastic small group....Click. I want to capture everything just as it is, right now, in this moment.

The kids are growing much too fast for my liking. Fall is here and the leaves are gorgeous. I know winter is just around the corner and some days it feels like high school graduation is too...sniff, sniff. So I must stop and enjoy each moment, soak in its warm embrace. Capture every cute smile, funny words, terrible tantrum...for the kids will be off and gone much too soon. I want to stop life right where we are at. Click. Mental pictures to be stored forever; pulled back out on rainy days. Held onto for those days to come when I will not be making breakfast, packing lunch, wiping bottoms, cleaning messes for the 3rd time that day and snuggling in bed at night. For the days when my arms will be much too light. It will be then that I can pull out these mental pictures I have snapped and feel full again.

Then I worry about my memory:)....and that my friends is why we make capturing these times part of our budget. It is an investment that I take seriously...I mean just look at my walls. Her pictures are EVERYWHERE! We need to itemize our insurance policy just to cover the pictures:) She has done what I can not do...made time stand still. For just a moment, Click. She captured the love. She grabbed the dimples. She caught "the look" know, the one that defines that child and that child only. We have original artwork created just for our family hanging on our walls and I LOVE it! I love that we will have these moments captured forever. To enjoy as the days grow long and then short again. For when the months turn into years. For the day when we point to a picture and say "that was your daddy when he was 4"....just warms my heart. I love this stage of life. Never a dull moment, rarely a quiet one. Click. Dimpled cheeks and pudgy toes. Click. Round bellies and chubby fingers.Click.Click.Click.

Thank you Sara for capturing these moments for us. For me when my memory has difficulty retrieving the moments I have frozen. For me when my days are long and I feel like I am in a fog. Thank you for capturing our life. Thank you for your friendship, your time and for sharing your talent with us. You are gifted my friend.
Wish I could put them ALL on here. It took us forever to place our order. I'll have to show you the finished product when it comes in. We did something different this time... and I can not wait to get it on our walls! Thankfully we were able to get all the 5X7 proofs. Really, you thought I could just pick a few:)

We bought the bebe package from Sara when Anna Claire was born. These pictures below were for her 18 month and final session. We went back to our old stomping grounds in Newnan, GA to capture some of our time there. Part of the bebe package included a coffee table book with pictures from each session. I can not wait to get my hands on that! So fun to have a book with maternity pics all the way through 18 months!

These are the pics from her facebook page. Check out her art on her blog, her website and become a fan of Sara Anthony Photography on facebook. Then book a session with her and you too can freeze time. It really is that easy! You can thank me later:)

Every little girl needs a Matilda Jane outfit...really. Aren't the ruffle leggings not the yummiest thing you have ever seen!

The railroad tracks were their request. We used to drive over them everyday they went to preschool. They always wanted to stop and play. No worries, these are not in use anymore!

I love that Sara is adamant about getting our pictures too. I at first said no, but am sooo glad she insisted. I love that we have pictures of us as a couple on the walls with pictures of our kids!


and now for my favorites from the day. does not get much more girly than this! she graduated to a big girl tutu!


melt. my. heart


*all pictures posted with permission from Sara Anthony Photography*


Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures! Miss you friend ;)

The Howell family said...

great pictures! makes me excited for our upcoming family shoot!

Chrys and Mike said...

oh wow! incredible pics of your gorgeous fam! love, love, love!


Chris and Amy said...

You have such a way with words. Those pictures are priceless!

Mike and Ashley Madden said...

these pictures are FABULOUS!! you are so lucky to have such a talented friend and photographer! Glad to see that ya'll are settling in. Settle in enough to give us some more blog time! ;)