Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a wonderful Easter this year...not that last year was awful...we were, well, not in the best of health. A tummy bug circulating through 8 of us will do that to ya! Needless to say we have not celebrated with our church family these past 2 years.

Oh, we had the cute, all decked out just for Easter, Sunday clothes last year....that we took a picture in. We had much too many germs to make it to church. So, this year we skipped the fancy clothes fan fair and opted for different attire all together. 12 of us soaking up the sun, surf and sand!!!! We celebrated the resurrection of our Savior at the beach! It was the only week all of Chris' side of the family could gather for a long dreamed of vacation together. 4 generations to be exact!

I guess you could say our family Easter picture is less formal this year.

Spring Break/Easter 2010

Spring Break/Easter 2009

Chris and I did not even get dressed last year. We dressed the kids up long enough to grab a few pictures. I will not be buying smocked dresses with bunnies on them anymore!

Our "Easter attire" this year...thanks to the skillful hands of Mimi

I guess you could say an 11 hour car road wore them out.

They haven't slept together in a long time. It brought back many sweet memories for us.

Easter gifts from mommy and daddy made it to the beach too!

Mommy scored big in the Target dollar bin this year!

A diva in the making!

Every time we turned around this week she had candy in her mouth...we never did find her stash!
Hmmm, maybe we have found our potty training bribe reward :)

Daddy was especially disappointed excited with the kites!!!

He was so looking forward to time flying them this week:)

We spent the afternoon waiting on Uncle Greg, Aunt Betsey, Cousin Josh, and "Cousin" Shane to arrive...

by doing this

and some of this...

and of course this!

(I promise no bystanders were squirted with the water gun...well almost none!)

There was a good ole fashion egg hunt too

you know...the hide throw the eggs on the ground kind. The mad dash of kids big and small.

Yeah, that kind.

Daddy, you look tired! How hard was it?

Eggs stuffed with candy, our favorite!

You mean I gave up pool time for this? Really?

In the spirit of The Masters...many a round of 18 hole putt putt was played.

A bit of coaching from daddy

That's it Peyton!

Parker celebrating a hole in one!

Oh the concentration!

Yet another great shot by Mr. Parker!

Hannie and Pa Pa even joined in on
a round with the kids!

We hope we are this young and spry when we have 3 great grand kids! Thank you for a wonderful week at the beach Hannie and Pa Pa. It was so nice having everyone together on vacation. The weather was perfect and the memories we made unforgettable. Peyton and Parker are still talking about our fun week. Anna Claire often asks "we go wimmin today"?


whittakerwoman said...

So fun! Lets get together in the next two weeks! We leave may 9th for the summer. H

Aron said...

YAY!!! A new post! 'Bout time. ;) Looks like a Fabulous week. And I can't get over how much the kids have grown. Keep those posts coming!

Mike and Ashley Madden said...

Love it that we finally got a new post...and 2 for that matter. What a winner!! Where were ya'll on vacation? That water definitely doesn't look like the Atlantic... :)