Friday, April 30, 2010

Itsy Bitsy...

Teenie girl's got her first bikini! Not so sure daddy is real excited about this one:) But whats a girl to do when her great grandma has such good taste and buys you said bikini for your birthday? Enjoy it on the beach I say! Thanks Hannie for my gift. Here are the pictures mommy captured at the beach in my very 1st bikini!

He he he...and this is what happens when you go sans swim diaper:) Let's just say this day helped us jump start potty training!

I just love this little tush!!! You can only get this shot for so many years!

Now you can see why we went without the swim diaper....cause ain't nothing else was fitting in that suit! Her momma can't wear Roxy suits for that same reason!!! They make them soooo tiny! This was a 2T and I'm not so sure we are going to make it all summer. She is not even in 2T clothes...still in her 12-18 months summer clothes from last summer. We grow 'em petite round here. This shows you just how TINY this suit was...and why she will NOT be wearing this brand at 16:)

The boys doing what they love best at the beach

"Oh, that's a bit cold!"

Here's to hopping this is her last summer in a bikini for 30 more years!!!!

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The Howell family said...

she does have good taste! And knows you well :) AC does have a very cute toosh :)