Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rainy Day Blues

Rain, Rain, go away...Come again some other day,Peyton and Parker want to go out and play! Don't get me wrong, I love a good rain and especially a good thunderstorm! Things change a bit when you have toddlers....going outside is a must EVERYDAY and they are not so fond of the thunder:( So we did the best we could, and pulled up a bench...and watched it rain and rain and rain. This was our first rain sans tornado sirens and warnings....I was beginning to wonder if we had moved to Kansas! Since moving her we have had 3 tornado storms....2 in the same weekend. The closest one that touched down was, thankfully, a few miles from here. The last storm hit south of us and did awful damage. The same storm killed several high school students in Alabama. I am beginning to think the earthquake tremors were not all so bad after all back in California. I love a good summer late afternoon thunderstorm.....minus the tornadoes of course. I hope this summer will bring "pleasant" storms...the kind you can sit on your front "stoop" and watch roll across the sky....ahhhh the smell of fresh rain, a warm blanket and a good book! Hopefully the boys will grow to love the rain too. Until then, we will take great joy in all our sunny outdoor days.


Rachel said...

Thanks for the info-I'm on Ebay frequently, so I'll just search for it every once in awhile. By the way, Chris used to be my boss at CFA in Lilburn! (of course let him know he was my favorite crew leader:)!) Just another way we are connected! Glad you guys were able to move closer to family-I can't believe Michael and Catherine just did the opposite! Anyway, I love your rainy day pics! Mine won't sit on a bench just yet-they would be out in the rain playing! Take care and I enjoy reading your blog as well!

brad said...

Enjoy your rain. looks wonderful to me from the west coast. It has been in the mid 90's this week and my air conditioner is running. Nothing like being prego and hot. I don't know how you did it during the summer. Missing you! Love,