Monday, April 02, 2007

Back to the dark ages...

As you may know, our camera has been on the blitz and is at the shop:( Our main reason we have not blogged lately....excuses, excuses. We had a small group social coming up (March 17th) and were planning an Easter egg hunt for all the kids....and I do mean ALL the kids because by chance there are 3 sets of twins in our group. Five couples, all on their first round of kids, 8 kids! So... I wanted to take pictures at the egg hunt. I broke down and bought a disposable camera and quickly realized how spoiled we have been with our digital camera and it's "see it now" availability. All this to say....we only had limited pictures and no way to tell what we were getting. I can only hope our camera will be back for Easter. Of course we practiced with the boys waaaay before the big day...and they were a hit! They knew exactly what to do...we were so proud:) I do believe they are WELL advanced for their age...intelligence that is, not height! They were on a roll until Parker discovered if you shook the eggs they made noise and if you opened them....oooooo (pronounced like you are saying moo but without the m), M&M's. Yep, it was all downhill from there. Hope you enjoy the pictures. We didn't manage to get a group shot of all the kids... 1 year-4 years, who were we kidding. It was beautiful warm weather all week and of course it turned cold for the cookout:( The boys had to trade in their spring shirts....but at least they got to wear their fun spring pants! For all you So Cal people keeping us with us....yes it was a REAL cookout...hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. It was NOT a barbecue as there was no pig being cooked are eaten:) Oh, and by the way...we were eating supper!

Peyton (grey), Parker (blue), Olivia (standing) and Charis/Ansley(sitting)....uhhhh, I have no idea which one this is, they are identical girls one month older than the boys

Look bro (pronounced "brough"), they've got rocks...eggs, what eggs?

Parker discovering M&M's for the first time....yep, his hunt for eggs was over!

Peyton trying to figure out why all the kids were hunting HIS eggs...."when we played at home I just had to beat bro ("brough")?"

Our attempt at a family portrait...ha, ha, ha!

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Dave Richards said...

Hey great photos...and looks like you guys had loads of fun...and well as Easter is almost here i'd also like you to drop by my blog on Easter Wishes sometime and check out all the goodies and fun it's filled up with!!!