Monday, April 09, 2007

My babies are not babies anymore

Where does time go and why does it pass so quickly after you have kids? The boys turned 21 months on March 30th...what? That is way to close to being 2 years old. How did this happen so fast? Surely there must be some mistake, they can't be this old. Insert simultaneous tantrum here.....weeeell....that pretty much sums is up. They are almost two:( It seems like it was just Christmas and we were rounding the corner to 18 months. They have changed so much since then. Not only do they not act like babies anymore, they are loosing that baby look:( I needed to have caught a tantrum or two on camera to complete this post. Not to worry, I am sure there will be plenty more to come. I did, however, manage to get the two of them to sit together at the same time for a 21month photo....OK well maybe I did catch a tantrum, or was it a hissy fit? As a matter of fact I caught a simultaneous tantrum/hissy fit/meltdown....just a peek into the life of twins nearing 2:)



OK, if I give you the toys will you sit still?

and now for the grand finale...every good thing eventually comes to an end!

It's my toy, no it's my toy

Nope, now it is mom's toy!

Welcome to a day in the life of nearly 2 year old twins:)

You just gotta love 'em, tantrums and all


Anonymous said...

Martha, I agree. Parker and Peyton are turning into boys. They look so cute! It's crazy that they will be 2 soon. I guess it's time for another! (hee,hee, hee!) It's funny how the first 2 years are a complete blur because everything is so hectic. Then they turn two and we finally have time to breathe and we wonder where the time went.

These pictures are great, especially the last meltdown picture. Looks alot like my house. Plenty of those here in California. Reagan isn't scared to shout it out either.

Love you lots. Send kisses and hugs to the boys. Love, Kim

Anonymous said...

They are so adroable! Those pictures make me laugh!! Boys, boys, boys...are you exhausted! I sure am but wouldn't trade it for the world! Hope to see you all soon!!

Jennifer said...

Martha and Chris,
Hi, strangers! I happened across your blog- your boys are so precious. Laura told me you all moved back east- I'm sure its great to be back near family and friends. Hope all is well!
Jenn (Vaughn) Beaver

Chris & Emily said...

Hello Darleys. Thanks for your sweet comments when Cort was sick. i recently found your blog too and have enjoyed catching up. Your boys are adorable!!