Monday, April 02, 2007

A summer day in March

The weekend of the 24th here in Georgia was just like a hot June day. Warm enough to play in the water but not miserable and humid like the days July and August are sure to bring. Daddy needed to wash his car, (yeah, brilliant idea....the yellow dusting started the very next day) so we pulled out all our summer treats to enjoy this day....water and all. Maybe we will get our camera back soon. Only 1 picture left on the disposable:(
Peyton helping daddy wash the car.

Parker "drinking" some water

Mmmmmm, popcicles. Thanks mom!

Parker taking aim at Peyton with their new Elmo sprinkler

Peyton trying to spray mommy and daddy, oh such fun!

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Anonymous said...

It's crazy to see the boys so grown up. What happened to the little guys? I can't wait to see their Easter outfits. It is also quite cold here, but no where near your temps. Hope the Easter bunny brings the boys some goodies! Love ya!