Monday, April 09, 2007

A little tease for daddy

I often tease Chris that I am going to dress the boys up as girls so I can see what it would look like to have girls for a know, the ones that sit and read books, cuddle on the couch, have quiet tea parties, play nicely in the corner with their toys (one at a time)..... the ones that don't climb on their play tables, throw their trucks across the room, take swigs of their drink only to open their mouth and let it drip all over the floor (as Parker just was doing before I put him in time out), clearly girls don't spit mouth fulls of yogurt just to make their sister laugh....oh to have girls for a day. I have relented to not dressing them up, to enjoy the fact that they are rambunctious and full of energy and somewhat accept that they enjoy exploring their little worlds in different ways than little girls. I do love my boys and all that make them boys. I love the fact they get so excited over trucks and planes and I am preparing myself for a summer of dirt and bugs. They are 100% boys and with that, "on" 100% of the time they are awake. All this said..... I thought I would tease Chris a bit with the following pictures. I had the boys dressed up in their cute summer "outfits"... a smocked Jon-Jon....he gracefully allows me to dress them like this for the time being, they are only young once. He claims they are going to get beat up at school or such luck, there are plenty of other little boys donning these adorable outfits...he claims his sons don't wear "outfits".... they are cute non the less! All dressed in their cute "outfits" we went to deliver a present to a friend of theirs...little Emma just had to have this present as she has two sets of friends that are twins. I captured a picture of Parker giving it a test drive:) te-he-he. Chris thought it was "great". Not to worry, more adorable Jon-Jon outfits to consumes their summer wardrobe seeing that their legs are so short (we are talking 5th percentile in height...21 months and still wearing 12 month pants) that shorts look like Capri pants on them:) Clearly allowing them to wear Capri pants is much worse than the Jon-Jon. Not all are smocked (oh how I love being back in the south), much to Chris' mom has made some casual ones as well:) Enjoy!

Isn't it the perfect gift for BB ma (Emma)?...a twin stroller for her baby dolls! Parker loved it:)


Michael & Catherine said...

So cute!! Just so you know, little girls fight over toys, tackle each other to the ground, let milk fall out of their mouth from sippy cups, and scream in their cribs during "nap" time! (and are at times, sweet and quiet and well mannered with their purses, kisses and tea parties!) Just so you know! Isn't it awesome how boys and girls are quite different, yet similar too! love you guys! We need to plan a play date!

Tallon said...

I must admit that there are days I dream of a little girl to play dolls and dress up with, but I am oh so thankful- as you are- for our 100% rough and tumble, outdoor, spitting BOY!!!! I am glad your camera is back and enjoyed reading the pics and blogs- maybe 1 day we will make it closer and let the kiddos play trucks! Your mom sews and smocks also!? That is wonderful- it has been the BIGGEST blessing for my mom to sew and smock bc I do not have to buy any dress clothes and only some play clothes plus our outfits look "different" from everyone elses! I Love it! Reeves is the same as Chris- I think he has given me until 2 1/2 or 3 ( maybe??) to dress Tal up- after that- it will be all kaki's and shirts!! Your boys are just ADORABLE!!
oh- Iam going to "link your blog to mine"- if its ok?!
Have a great week! I am headed up to Greenville tom with Carrie to see some of the Clemson gang and their kiddos!!

Kate said...

Little girls only let you pick out their clothes until about 3 or 4. Most boys don't care what they wear and will be happy for you to dress them well into their thirties:) I am getting excited about all the smocked dresses Amelia will be dressed in though. Oh, and girls hit puberty eventually ;)
I can't believe how they have grown either. they are turing into little men.
love ya,

Lindsey said...

I just want to add to what Catherine said and point out that SOME girls (no names mentioned)....scream through nursery EVERY week, throw tantrums, boycot naptime, and even bite at times. While it is great fun putting on girl clothes, I can't agree with the behavior descriptions yet. Funny how we still think our little girl is the best thing that's ever happened to us!! ps- Matt does like to call her my little dress-up doll sometimes!!