Monday, April 09, 2007

A little boys dream come true... a real life TRUCK!

Parker, trucks in hand, standing for the longest time watching the mixer truck.

Can you imagine waking up from your nap and realizing that your dream was a reality? How cool would that be! Well, I guess if it was a good dream that you were enjoying. One day the end of March this is exactly what happened with the boys. You may wonder how I know? Clearly they told me so....ha ha ha. You see this is funny because they don't actually talk to us in English except for a word here and there....but TRUCK is the one thing they clearly say that we understand and we know they are speaking to us. The rest of the time they have their own language they speak to each other kidding. So you see, I can infer that since they talk about TRUCKS all day long and everywhere we go... then they obviously dream about it every time they sleep and it just so happens it came true this very day in March. As you see below, they awoke to not one but TWO mixer trucks outside our home. The excitement was too much to contain. For a brief moment they were speechless. Notice I said was Truck, Truuuck, Truuuuuuck all the rest of the day. It was so neat to see them so excited and in their element. They even got a "honk" from the truck. Insert big eyes and a mouth shaped in an "O" form here:) Enjoy the pictures. They may be a little grainy because I took them with our cam corder....little did I know that the package I signed for 30 minutes prior was our camera being ironic.

Peyton standing in awe of the 2nd truck...

Peyton pointing: "Look, mom a truck!"


Oh so sweet, Parker giving brough "sugar"

Brough is the name they call each other...translated, brother

Two little boys so excited

It honked mom, it honked at us!

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