Monday, April 09, 2007

Making a mess....making music

Easter is on the way....with this comes some of my favorite candy! I live to buy bags of Robin Eggs every year. I eat so many it makes me sick and then I am good to go until next year. I also have come up with a great thesis concerning candy....Candy is best when bought in a particular season. ONLY buy candy that is marketed for the current said holiday, this ensures the best quality and freshness. Try it and see. By a bag of Peanut M&M's for Easter and buy a regular yellow bag...there is a BIG difference in the taste. The peanuts and chocolate are far better in the holiday bag. Snickers is another great example...the caramel is much creamier in holiday bags then if you were to eat a "regular" bag. In our house we buy only the current holiday candy as this is not so hard anymore because there always seems some holiday they are marketing a new bag of M&M's for. You do hit a bit of a lull after July 4th....all the way to Halloween and another lull after Easter until July. Clearly, the wait is well worth it! All this being said, the boys had their first experience with a fresh Reese's peanut butter egg...mmmm. they had just eaten a great supper of ravioli and needed a yummy dessert to finish of the day. It was a hit!

One of our favorite stores to wonder through is World has so many neat things to add to your home and they always have a great coupon out there. When we moved to Georgia we needed a table for our kitchen and we found it there. As a thank you they sent us some free bucks...the best we went to find some picture frames. The boys had a great time and found themselves right at home...making music:)

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