Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lessons from Pa Pa

Pa Pa (Chris' grandfather) came for a visit one day during Spring Break. I had been after Chris to cut the grass, kill the weeds and make the yard look less ghetto in general:) Looks as if we didn't do it soon enough because we got a nice letter from the home owners association stating that we had purchased a house, not a trailer, and therefor needed to pay closer attention to our surroundings. OK maybe that is a bit exaggerated, err a lot, but a letter was received none the less.

The boys love playing outside and of course what Pa Pa or dad is doing, the boys are doing too. Down on one knee weeding the lawn (yes the lawn, not the garden) was Pa Pa as we did not own anything remotely familiar to lawn equipment...hence the letter. Next thing I knew, the boys were right there beside him taking instructions quite well. It was too cute, I had to run in and grab my camera!

"Now, Parker, make sure you grab it at the bottom so you pull out the roots."

Parker: "Here Ma, a flower just for you!"

Peyton: "Look Ma, a weed!"

Peyton delivering flowers to Grand mommy (Chris' mom)


Kate said...

I feel your pain. Michael was in the yard working on the flower beds and one of the many retirees in our neighborhood who have nothing better to do than walk their yappy dogs and critique other people's yards said "It's about time to cut that grass" to Michael! I told him he should have said "anytime you want to bring your lawn mower over, be my guest". Michael just kept silent. He handles those situations better than me!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes those letters have helped me get the ball rolling over here, if yo uknow what I mean. We have gotten a couple in past years regarding our Christmas lights. We like to keep the holidays around all year, well maybe just until late January, Febuary.

It must be such a blessing to have the boy's great grandparents visit and play with them. I grew up knowing my great grandparents and have such amazing memories with them. It will be one the boys cherish later in life!