Thursday, May 24, 2007

Now I know...

Now I know why I loved going to see my grandparents and great grandparents so much... I got spoiled rotten and received many, many treats I would never have gotten at home. I loved the fact that they somehow seemed to "ignore" my parents pleas of "that's more...last one...last time...just this once". I have had to swallow a big piece of humble pie and set my pride aside so that my boys can have this same magical experience...getting spoiled rotten and receiving all the treats that come with visiting the grand and great grandparents. I figure i can just put them through a good detox when we get back home:) After all, what fun would it be if you had to follow ALL of the same rules at Grammy and Papa's (Martha's parent's) house that you do at home? I can recall plenty of rules that went out the window when visiting Pops and Betty (my grandparents) and Big Martha and Sambo (my great grand parents). I love the fact that Chris and I both have vivid, fun and loving memories of our great grandparents growing up. I want the boys to have these same memories to Cherish. Soooo I guess a little chocolate and dessert after EVERY meal wont kill them. HOWEVER, riding in the back of Pop's truck to go get ice cream "just around the corner" could kill them and they therefore are NOT going to do this. Besides, you could get arrested (it is against the law you know) and then where are they going to get their chocolate from? Certainly not at home:) There, glad we agree on that one:) Yeah, it is too bad they have a pediatric nurse for a mom who recently retired from the PICU (peds intensive care unit) and peds trauma... kids thrown from trucks just aren't a pretty sight. I may specialize in Peds Hearts, but I vividly remember my days doing peds level one trauma...the worst of the worst. Not for me then and certainly not for me now:) OK that's my soapbox...moving right along.

We did have a fun time in SC visiting with my parent's and grandparent's. The boys did get spoiled rotten and loved every minute of it. They did manage to come off their sugar high and survived to tell about it...loudly I might add:) We had a great 2nd half of spring break. We visited, took Easter pictures (to come later), picked up the boy's Easter outfits my mom made and kidnapped Grammy to come back to GA with us for Easter and her spring break. I think we needed a break from our spring break! Whew... FUN DAYS!

The boys waiting to get MORE "silver bells" as Pops calls them. (Hershey kisses)
They both shoved them all in their mouths...I'm not sure if they were more afraid I would take them away or if brother might get them...either way they could hardly chew!
Peyton have a hammock for every lazy have a lazy day, everyday for that matter!
Parker making sure he has all his dessert taken care of.
Peyton, as if to say: "See, I told you Grammy would let us eat dessert...after EVERY meal!"
Parker watching The Wiggles with Aunt Mel


Anonymous said...

Hey, my sweet boys.

I miss you both so much cant wait to see you monday night. I have the kit kats waiting for you!

love aunt mel

Tallon said...

I laughed reading this post bc I can soo relate. We have been saying for months now that both of our parents have bribed Tallon to favor them bc they are constantly giving him ice-cream and treats- but oh how he LOVES them all (grandparents and the treats=)) glad ya'll had a good visit with family- aren't those times soo precious now that you can appreciate not having to travel across the country to get to them!! Your boys get cuter and cuter! I did not realize you had done peds trauma at one time- I still work 1 evening shift a week in the trauma unit here (only it is adults!

Anonymous said...

Oh my this is a funny blog. Martha you are too cute! Missing you guys & thinking of you :)
Jamie :)