Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Plan B

I am a bit late in getting our Spring Break adventures posted. I am late in getting anything posted for that matter. The first part of the week Chris' mom spent with us. We took the boys to a local park to play....we envisioned the boys playing in the toddler play area...they however, had other things in mind. There is a great little area where you can activate water and it becomes a water play area. Great if you come prepared for water...we did not. This didn't seem to stop the boys as you will see below. Parker is usually our dare devil and up for anything. He had a bad first impression with the water area and didn't quite hop on in as Peyton did. I am looking forward to taking them back this summer! It is so much fun to watch kids this age explore their world and learn how things work. If only you could read what their little minds were thinking!

Parker checking things out....he was done for the day!

Oh, I see how this works...that trickle in the ground turns into this!

Maybe if I just stick my head in a bit....

Great! Now where do I go? How do I get out of here?

Parker thinking..."see I told you this was bad news, now you're stuck and I'm out here!

Peyton... One satisfied little boy:)


Rachel said...

oh my gosh, does Parker have a nice bruise on his forehead? I tried not to laugh, but couldn't help it! This is something my Zach does ALL the time! Everyday when John comes home from work, he asks me,"where did Zach get this bruise from?" Thankfully, they won't remember all of these falls and bruises! I can't wait to take my 2 to this park-I think its the Suwanee park, right? The water thing looks like so much fun, I might play in it with the kids!

sara said...

I need to know where this place is. It looks too fun!!