Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Remembering Memorial Day

We had a wonderful time at Chris' grandparent's house at the lake for Memorial Day. The boys always make themselves right at home anywhere we take them. They enjoyed their new pool...they, however, did NOT enjoy the lake. We hope to change this, we shall see. I think the floating in life jackets freaked them out because they didn't mind having them on...just as long as they weren't in the water...and they love water? Sadly, we did take the pool back after this weekend. It was much too complicated and required A LOT of water. The hose had to be on full blast all the time to keep the pool inflated...who thought of this and don't they know we are in a drought?


Oh, the life of a two year old


What is better than a good meal and a back porch?

Ahh, a swing on the back porch with two cute boys!

Fish kisses for mom

Snack time before church

Peyton NOT loving the lake

Parker watching in wonder as Peyton takes his dip

Parker: OK, me either

Who needs a bath when your at the lake?


Tallon said...

Cute pictures Martha- I can not believe you still have the FCA spring break 2003 t-shirt!! I love the picture of you on the swing with the boys- soo sweet!!! maybe they will warm up to the lake- Tallon pitched a FIT the first time we put him in a lifejacket- now we can not keep him OFF of the boat or out of the water- such a little fish! (slightly scary for mom though=) Your boys remind me soo much of Tal when I see their facial expression! Fun, BUSY Days!!

tammy said...

Ok, first off... remember when you thought you'd never make it through twin babies... look how much joy you're having in these pics! And finally, the boys are sooo big, I can't believe how fast they've grown... We sure miss you guys! Hope you are all well! We are holding strong here, God is certainly growing & stretcing us... but still faithful!
Are y'all coming to Cali anytime soon? Miss & Love you guys!