Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A good laugh!

I am constantly after my parents to "toddler proof" their house before we come. It is hard for them to think of ALL things as you seem to forget that toddlers get into EVERYTHING. Each time they get better at it...but there is always something that gets left out. This one had me laughing, that good belly roll laughing. I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes:) Peyton was just so matter of fact about the whole thing. It was as if it had been left there for his enjoyment...he didn't try to hide it, he didn't try to run, he didn't even offer an "I'm sorry" like he usually does when he knows he is in trouble and headed to time out. Nope, Nothing. One quick glance at the camera and back to his newly found treasure and watching TV...Just like Popa does. Who doesn't enjoy a good snack with their favorite TV show? The Wiggles were on and he was 100% satisfied with his after breakfast snack and show. content little boy!

Maybe if I ignore her she will go away and let me be...after all I am at Popa's and clearly there are no rules here...

As if to say: "well, what ya gonna do about it...I am in Popa's chair, eating Popa's snack...his loss".

Same morning... You would think I didn't feed the boy!

At least he shared some with Parker...maybe Grammy and Popa will remember to put the food away next time:)

Clearly I am trying to play catch up. These were from our visit the end of May. That is when I left my computer and couldn't post anything. I will be trying to get it all in very soon. Good grief, I never did Easter...wasn't that in March or excuse for that one. See ya real soon.


Kim said...

At first I couldn't tell what he was eating, however once I zoomed in, I couldn't stop laughing. I love the expression on their faces. It's as if they are doing nothing wrong. Too funny. Reminds me of Luke the other day. While I was washing the car, he was standing in the garage refrigerator shoving chocolate balls in his mouth. I said, "Luke you didn't even ask." He said with a mouthful, "Mommy, chocolate?"

Tallon said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! love the pics and the facial expressions!!!!!!!