Saturday, December 15, 2007

Still a No Go...year 2

Santa Clause is coming to town....

Welllll, it didn't go quite any better this year. I really didn't expect it to though. Neither one likes new situations or new people for that matter. Not quite sure what made me think a guy dressing in a red suite with a beard would make it any better:)

Parker: "Woooow, it's really HIM...He IS real!"

The mothers of multiples club here had a children's Christmas party and of course Santa was there. This is the most "real" Santa I have seen yet. He really was picture perfect...well, except for with my two!

Santa was WONDERFUL with the kids. He would come by and say hello and keep moving if he saw the kids were not up to it. He would wait for the kids to give him the "OK" before touching. I wish I had my camera ready when we first got there. He was kneeling just around the corner when we first got there greeting the kids. Parker was so cute as he kept peeking around the corner to get a look. He eventually even gave him a high five! MUCH improvement after last year. Peyton however kept backing up saying "back, back".

We found a seat at the table and began our snack, coloring and crafts. The boys were able to watch Santa move around the room and eventually let him get close enough for me to grab a few shots.

Peyton giving Santa the side glance... not so sure about his close proximity. In a "scary" situation he ALWAYS turns his head away and then cuts his eyes to see what is going on. So funny to watch.

He finally felt good enough to turn and look at him.

Parker not so sure anymore...doesn't Santa really look just like you would picture him! Sweet face, real beard and rosy cheeks! Sure wish we could have gotten a traditional sitting in Santa's lap shot with the boys. Maybe next year!

Peyton waiving "bye, bye". Shew, he is gone now!

Parker and Gi Gi (Chris' mom) making an ornament.

Peyton and his ornament... "I do it myself"

Yep, this was as close to sitting in Santa's lap as Peyton got. I even took new trucks for Santa to give the boys in hoping it would "bribe" them to get close. Only close enough to get his truck and then make a mad dash far away.

Parker checking out his new truck.

"Maybe this Santa guys isn't so bad after all...think I'll just stand by him though, no need to get all cozy with him."

It's different trying to "force" an almost 2 1/2 year old into his lap than an 18 month old. Last year was a first and was just cute and funny. Santa wasn't going to get hurt...this same scene could have resulted in many bruises, a bloody nose and several broken bones this year. For all involved we tried to keep it to a dull roar this year. I do have to say, looking back at the Santa we saw last year.. he was pretty darn scary looking. I think I would have screamed too! But this year...come on boys, he was so sweet and cuddly...Oh well.

The party was at a local library so we went to read some book after it was over. Of course the books the boys picked out were about trucks. They LIVE for trucks! It was a really cute book that I want to find a copy of for us. It was an alphabet book with every letter representing a different type of truck. Clearly, they can learn their letters this way!

Reading the SAME book with Gi Gi...what is it with toddlers and their repetition? :)

As close as I am going to get of a picture of them in their "Christmas outfits". The don't sit still for is not one of them. Chris likes to call these outfits their "dresses"....they are Jon Jon's Chris, and they are precious on them. They can't wear them for long but by golly we are going to wear them for now:) I think they are sweet. He loves that term:)

Speaking of sweet!

Our motto for visiting Santa...Try, Try again. We will see what next year holds.


Anonymous said...

Your boys are cute, but I have to agree with Chris about the Jon-Jon's. Not a fan.

Tallon said...

Hilarious- I don't think I am even going to TRY to get Tallon on Santa's lap this year- he is just NOT into it at all right now, but I totally agree with you- That was a PERFECT looking Santa!!!!!!!!! No fake beard for him!!

And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Jon Jon outfits- as I was reading your post- I kept hoping you would post a picture of the WHOLE outfit so I could see below the shoulders- they look sooo cute!!! Reeves feels the exact same way about Tal in them but I keep telling him that Tallon looks soo handsome and cute in them and before long all we will be able to put him in is kaki's and colorerd shirts- how fun is that!?!?!?

Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas-we are cont to pray- can't wait to meet little baby girl- now, SHE will be sooo fun to dress up!!!!!!!!

The Howell family said...

I'm impressed you are sitting indian style at this stage in the game :)
What is the big deal guys? Jon Jon's can do no permanent damage to the boy's manhood when they won't even remember wearing them!
Merry Christmas! Still praying for you and baby girl.
love Kate

Ricardo said...

Hey Darleys!!!!
That is a great looking Santa. Ryan warmed up to Santa this year for the first time! It was cool

Anonymous said...

adorable ! Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

the previous anonymous is tammy brown!