Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Ornament Party

The boys and I were invited to an ornament party to kick off the Christmas decorating season. What a fun idea and get together for the moms and all the little monkeys. We were to bring clay for the ornaments and of course those cute little paws that leave prints all over our windows at home. It was such a cute idea and I was excited about having their little hand prints to hang on our tree year after year. I even had grand plans of making some for all the grand and great grand mothers.

This is where I should have known better:) My two monkeys HATE having their hands dirty...the rest of their bodies, their clothes and my house, they could care less. Their hands are a different story. So needless to say we painfully got a hand print out of each of them...sorry grand ma's, no luck in getting any more.

If only I had pictures of the process... but it took two of us to do it and lots of bribing with cookies and candy. I am sure the neighbors thought I was torturing my two...oh the lungs they have. The things we do to our kids:) I got my two precious ornaments though...aren't they cute! It was WELL worth the screaming and the boys love walking by the tree and seeing their hands. After all, their hands are only cute and little for so long.

I just love them!

Meghan and Olivia. Thanks Meghan for the help, I'll bring ear plugs next time:)

The boys sharing their snack with Olivia

Oh so close to a cute Christmas picture...


Maybe next year:)

If you are looking for a fun mom and children gathering...this was perfect! Everyone brought their own clay. We all used Crayola Model Magic. It requires no mixing and air drys. Don't buy the Model Magic Fusion, it is too sticky. One pack made my two ornaments. Walmart, Target and Michael's carry it. We rolled out the shape we wanted with a rolling pin, pressed the kids hands and then made two holes at the top with a pen for the ribbon. So easy and such a fun memory to have. Meghan and her friend hosted the event and provided drinks and snacks for the moms and kiddos and fun Christmas ribbon to hang our ornaments from. I am already looking forward to this annual event.


Kim said...

What a cute idea! Sounds like ya'll had fun. Miss ya!

Tallon said...

SOOO FUN- I can not wait to try this out with Tallon- Thanks for sharing all the info!!! Love the pics of you with the boys- they are sooo cute- Is this not the BEST stage ( well, aside from the temper tantrum fits!!)

You need to post some belly maternity pics- you don't look Pregnant at all in this pics!!! ( I mean that as a compliment by the way!!!=)
have a great day and a Merry Christmas! hope the boys do well traveling!

Kim said...

Help! I tried this and it was a complete disaster. Where are you when I need you. I'll try again. Maybe I bought the wrong one. I better check.

Luke told Brad this morning that Parker and Peyton are coming to his birthday party. Too cute.
Miss you!