Friday, December 08, 2006

Many First...

We have had many first this week at our home. I feel like the boys are growing so fast and are no longer babies anymore:( It's nice when we discover something new for adds to our daily adventures. We just happened to capture a few on camera and I thought we would share them with you. This seems to be working somewhat better then snapfish, as I am only up to the month of June! Warning: not all of the following firsts were happy for all of us. Hope you enjoy!

First spaghetti supper


The famous Parker scowl face finally caught on camera. If he is not happy with something or will get the scowl. I guess he did not like the fact that I was exploiting his table manners.

Peyton giving up on the spork. They have recently insisted on feeding themselves with their own's a great mess for all to enjoy!

First Double Date

Parker is not so excited about this photo op. We missed the scowl but caught his true feelings. We attended Caroline and Abby's first birthday party last weekend. What an answer to prayer they all are. God sure was busy answering prayers last year:) Our boys were born at 32 weeks, 3# 10 oz and 4# 3 oz. They spent just over 3 weeks in the NICU. The girls were born at 28 weeks, 2# 9 oz and 2# 14 oz and spent 8 weeks in the NICU. Both our families have many blessings to be thankful for this Christmas. All four are very happy and healthy! Praise the Lord for answered prayer and the joy of children.

This is my favorite first:) First visit with Santa

As you can see this went very well:) This was the boys first trip to see Santa. Yep, should have gone last year when they would have been just fine. I was way too nervous to take them last year. They had been so small and fragile and I just couldn't bring myself to take them out. I just knew little RSV bugs would be hiding in Santa's beard, ready to jump down on them. Needless to say, my Nazi germ days are long gone. I can't keep up with their toys and could I think I would be able to keep up with all the germs. Yes, having twins has relaxed me and is now working on my perfectionism...we have a long way to go. God blessing us with twins is a great way to see His sense of humor. What in the world is a control freak, have it my way, self centered person like me doing with twins? Surviving and learning to enjoy what life brings! Funny how God works in growing your character and grace....I am very blessed and thankful He choose to do it through twins. I love my boys!

We had a busy week of many first things. We have a couple more but I will add them to another post as this one is already a novel.


whittakerwoman said...

We miss you! Our lives are crazy and i have not been able to blog or read blogs like i want to. You are doing so well I love the pictures and feeling like i am still a part of the boys life. One question. When did they get hair? They are so cute! I miss you guys. Wish you guys were here. Love ya H

Kim Metzger said...

Alright, you haven't been gone that long, but the boys have really changed alot. They no longer look like babies or as Luke would call them "the babes." They look like little boys with such personality. I love it. Miss you!

Michael & Catherine said...

So cute!! Wait just a minute though on the double date!! The girls aren't allowed to date until they are at least 21!!!