Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bringing sexy back

In his own words:"This is bringing sexy back". Justin has nothing on this! I snapped this picture of Chris right before his double hernia repair surgery. I guess double the fun (twins) brings with it double the strains! Needless to say this is why we have been absent from our blog. Chris had the surgery the day before Thanksgiving....Martha has been on 24/7 duty since then. All is well and everyone is healthy again. The surgery went well and he even got to eat his Pa Pa's fried turkey on Thanksgiving. I thought I would include a few other fun photos of his "big" day. If only I had had the video camera. There are times that make you laugh and there are times that make you really laugh. You know, the kind that makes your sides hurt and brings tears to your eyes. Well, the nurses and I were entertained in recovery. We laughed so hard we cried. It's amazing how sharing a good laugh can make strangers feel as if they have known each other for years. As a nurse myself, it's always fun to care for a patient that has as we call it a "virgin system", meaning no familiarity to drugs. He put on quite the show...of course not remembering any of it. Thought I would share a bit with you all.

As with any guy I have cared for....they just don't get the Foley thing when they are supper sleepy. He repeatedly kept telling the nurse he needed to "pee". She repeatedly told him he had a tube in his bladder and could go anytime he wished. Back and forth, back and forth they went....she finally relented and pulled the Foley catheter out...but to no avail...he kept at it. Enter the laughter with tears here. I think she grew tired of telling him over and over and over that he could now go....so she wrote a note. This is what I found standing on his belly when I walked in to see him. Wish I had thought of this one with my guy patients.....but I guess this is just one more reason I do peds!

Ah, and this brings us to our last picture. This is my favorite of course. I thought the deliberation between him and his nurse about having to pee was funny....well, I was brought to tears of laughter again a bit later. The nurses were playing the radio and we could here it...yep, you guessed it. This is Chris singing along to the radio and any nurse who would come over to check his blood pressure. I only remember that it was a slow serious song...notice his eyes closed and serious look on his face. He was not sleeping! Oh, if only I had the video camera.

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terrible speller said...

Welcome to GA. Heather told me y'all moved here. We'd love to meet up and grab a bite sometime!