Monday, December 11, 2006

A much needed first...

As many of you noticed in our previous post, the boys hair was out of control! It seemed to have grown overnight. The back was full of curls, which I loved, but a nightmare to keep untangled. You can see in this picture how long it had gotten on top and all the matted curls in the back. We were at the Chick-fil-A home office Christmas party, the boys are "sharing" their goldfish with Chris. On the way home we spur of the moment decided to take the boys to get their haircut....I couldn't take the mess any longer. This ended our week of many firsts. I was a bit apprehensive of how they would do. They are not known to stay in one spot long...not to mention it was after 5pm and the boys had not had supper or an afternoon nap. I think I was just asking for trouble. To my amazement, they were angels! They sat there nice and still and did not utter a peep. The lady was lightening fast and had both their hair cut in less then 15 minutes! What a relief and great experience...the only we really can't tell them apart! They look more alike now than before:( The next day I mixed them up and dressed them in the wrong colors. Thank goodness for Parker sucking his thumb and Peyton's painted toe! They also enjoyed their first sucker.




tammy said...

Hi Martha! Amanda linked to you and I'm so glad to see the boys... I miss you all!!!! I'm sorry I havent called, we all have the plague! The answer to your $? is $88 (whenever, we're not losing sleep over it:) I miss you girl, hope you are setteled in and happy

Andrea said...

The day after thanksgiving I had my traditional shopping break of mini's and was sad to know you were not just around the corner. Glad to know you guys are settled in and doing great.