Sunday, December 24, 2006

Round Two...

As you can see we have been absent for some time. Chris and Martha went to New York City for a long weekend the 15th-18th. It was great and wonderful and we will post some pictures later. Here is where the drama, if you will, unfolds. The boys went to stay with Martha's parents in SC and I am pretty sure they are going to ask for a health certificate before we drop the boys off again....This is why we gracefully declined to post a picture with this post. Peyton started it all off on Thursday night, 3 hours after Martha left. By the time we picked them up on Tuesday: Grammy (Martha's mom), Papa Charles (Martha's dad), Aunt Mel (Martha's sister), and Pops and Betty (Martha's grandparents) had all been included on the not so well list. The Dr's assured us that yes it was highly contagious (really??) but that all would was JUST a stain of the Rotavirus. LOVELY. In New York Martha and Chris were having horrible flashbacks to this past February when Martha and the boys had the rotavirus for 10 days....yep 10 long days of barfing and the "other stuff". I hope none of you have met this lovely is much more than just a 24 hour thing. Some kids end up in the hospital b/c they get too sick and dehydrated. There is now a vaccine for it. If you have a baby....GET THE VACCINE! We did enjoy a well weekend in NY and counted our blessing too soon. We retrieved the boys on Tuesday and by Thursday Martha was sick:( Chris' parent's had come to visit the boys on Wed. night....yes they were officially warned:) By Thursday night Chris' mom was sick and by Friday morning Chris' dad was right there too! Did the Dr. mention contagious....the plague would have been more fitting than a strain of the rotavirus:) Lots of pedialyte and Gatorade later....we hope to have a Merry Christmas. This is our excuse for not posting....I am sure you did not want pictures....THANKFULLY Chris must be immune (he did not get it in February or this time!) and to the Rotavirus "gods" out there....LEAVE US ALONE, WE HAVE HAD OUR FAIR SHARE!

All this to say, Have a very Merry Christmas and we will post NY pictures soon:) We had a wonderful time and are very thankful Martha's family let us stay while they cared for the sick boys, while they were sick themselves.


Kim Metzger said...

Martha, I am so sorry to hear about you all being so sick. We too have had our share. So I can relate. Luke is finally doing better, but I have had a migraine and Luke's cold for 4 days. I can finally feel my headache getting better tonight. It's fun being pregnant and not being able to take any good drugs. Oh how I miss Nyquil! Brad set up a blog for me, but I have no idea how to get to it. It's through I think. I'll let you know. Love you girl! Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

So glad that you all are feeling better and that you had a wonderful time in New York! Martha I hope you had a wonderful birthday, we have been thinking of your family & are missing you :)
Love Ya-
The Webbs :)