Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Thanksgiving blessing

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

We want to share with you an amazing family with an amazing story. Two years of praying, planning and seeking guidance, their dream is coming true thanksgiving day! I am going to ask that you link to Heather's blog and click on "our adoption blog and our adoption story", hearing it from her first hand is much better than from me. Carlos and Heather are dear friends to us and a huge part of our California family. Carlos is the worship pastor at Sandals Church, our home church in California. Heather is his beautiful wife whom we are greatly indebted to. They surrounded us with love and support (along with many others) when the boys were born. Our boys grew to know and love them over the past year and a half. The Whittakers came to our rescue with child care more times than I can count. Our sanity is greatly due to them:) I have shared their story with many of you and am excited to tell you they are currently in Korea and will pick up their son, Losiah, on Wednesday our time, Thursday their time. What am amazing Thanksgiving blessing. They received "The Call" last Friday and left this past Saturday to travel to Korea. Praise and Thanksgiving to the Lord for answered prayer and financial support raised. It was inspiring to see their family, friends, and church gather around them during this journey. Gathering goods for a rummage sale, hosting and attending a silent auction, donating their time, love and money all to bring Losiah home. He has an amazing community to welcome him home. Thank you for your prayers, they have been answered. They are due to arrive back in LA on the 27th. Their two beautiful girls and many family and friends will be waiting. Sure wish we could be there. Visit Heather's blog for an amazing story on God's goodness, grace and perfect timing and most importantly a family that obediently followed His calling. We have our own time line, isn't His better? Thanks Carlos and Heather for being a family to obediently follow His calling and His timing. We love you and are praying for you. Can't wait to meet him.

Carlos and Sohaila

Heather and Seanna

Baby Losiah, isn't he just perfect!

Carlos and Heather are amazing bloggers...Their sites are really cool. They are posting daily reports and pictures from Korea. Carlos is even making daily videos.....Yeah, we are still in the preschool phase of blogging. Sorry you have to come back to ours after seeing theirs:) We love you all. Happy Thanksgiving. We will be celebrating at our house this year:) Chris is having a double hernia repair on Wed.....Twins anyone? Michael you better watch yourself! It is outpatient and should be fairly easy... I am looking at an interesting 6 weeks....The amount of time Chris can't lift anything over 20 lbs.....Insert Peyton and Parker. God Bless, The Darley's

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whittakerwoman said...

ok so I am a little slow. Thanks for the love it has been wonderful getting your encouraging words. I am not sure about life with an infant. It has put a little cramp in my style. But i love him so much. We miss the boys and Chik fil A is not the same. I miss chris coming out. I feel like you guys are on vacation and will be coming home soon. Keep up the blogging. I feel like I am able to stay connected to you. I want to talk on the phone. lets play phone tag. H