Friday, November 16, 2007

Boys and their toys

Luke was so wonderful to share ALL his toys with the boys. He was always helping out, showing them what to do and playing big brother....he is only 6 months older but years beyond the boys. They all loved playing outside and had a blast on all Luke's riding toys.

This was the night the boys got sick. I thought I had heard Peyton wheezing while running around and knew he had been running fever. However, once he stopped and sat down...the wheezing went away. If we only knew what our night was going to be like...


Daddy and Parker...his legs were a bit too short:(
Luke showing Peyton "how to".
OK, not quite what we had in mind for showing the boys "how to pee like big boys"...the toilet Luke, the toilet... very funny anyway (sorry Kim, it was too cute not to post). Not quite as funny as the story you posted here.

Of course Parker found a truck!

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