Thursday, January 18, 2007

We now have help!

It is wonderful having help around the house these days! We took a close look at our budget and decided with Chris traveling we were going to need some help to get things done. So far we have found help with the laundry, a handyman and his helper, a gardener and someone to clean the garden. Clearly there is a difference between the gardener and the garden cleaner. You see the gardener arranges our pine straw and the cleaner picks up the misplaced straw, leaves and sweeps up the dirt in the garden...all is a huge help to us. We are currently looking for a cook and a maid for the bathrooms and floors. Please send us any references you may have. We are not looking to add to our permanent help right now, some temporary help would be great. Our budget may allow for more permanent help in another 3-4 years.

Our handymen helping daddy measure the garage opening....will both cars fit and ALL our stuff?

Our laundry helpers....

Our gardener (Peyton, on left) and Parker our garden cleaner (in blue hat)!


Anonymous said...

hello my sweet boys. when are you coming to aunt mel again. i miss you so much. you have grown up to big boys
i love you
love aunt mel

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness we miss you guys :) I love seeing all the pictures and when you come out we definetally want to see you!Love-Jamie :)

Anonymous said...

Their hired! Luke vould really use the help around here. They are the cutest. Miss you. Hugs from SoCal!
Love- Kim

Michael & Catherine said...

What good little helpers!! When the girls learn how to vacuum, dust and mop...maybe we can switch off services every other week??? sounds good to me! great pictures!