Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Yep, you saw it right...70! That was the temperature today:) I had planned to run errands and clean the house....then my mom called at 10:30 to let us know how beautiful it was outside. That is the one word the boys have been longing to hear for weeks now. They were soooo excited, they didn't even want to come in to eat! Eating is not something they usually pass up on. We played with trucks and in the leaves. They came in to nap and then we headed to the park. We slide down the slides, rode the frogs, swung in the swing and ate chocolate muffins. Whew, what a day. Errands can wait, the house is going nowhere, laundry can sit for another day. UH OH....I knew I was forgetting something. Our small group was changed to Wednesday this week and I forgot to call for a babysitter. I do have to say it was all well worth it! The boys had a great time and I loved watching them run and play. I now have spring fever and can't wait for spring and summer to arrive. LOVED the weather today....fresh air does wonders for the soul. Not to mention I could take flash needed! Hope y'all had a great day and got a chance to get out and enjoy the warm weather.

Top right picture is Peyton. Parker is sitting behind Peyton above and this is Parker here on the frog.

The boys sat
down to eat their snack without me
having to ask....something is paying off!
Peyton waiving hello and Parker excited to be outside!

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Anonymous said...

Too cute. I'm so glad ya'll got to get out and play. The boys are too cute. I misses them. Love ya!