Saturday, March 01, 2008

Spring Break

Obviously Miss Priss thinks she must be preparing for Spring Break. Guess we should tell her it is a month away and her tan will be faded by then. Maybe she is just preparing for Sara's photo shoot. I guess if I knew someone was going to be taking naked pictures of me to hang on the wall then I would want some color on my lily white legs too:) Yes, she is still under the bili lights...2 now. She is all sprawled out spread eagle in her bed with her sunglasses on. Really a cute picture but we will have to share later as it takes FOREVER to upload pics here.

Her levels only went down 1/2 a point this morning at 6am so she bought herself another light. She did get to spend the day tanning in the room with us. She was able to nurse some and then also received supplements of formula to make sure she was getting enough to eat to help flush the bili out of her system. In theory the more she eats, the more she poops and the more the bili can leave her system. Obviously she is enjoying her tanning, although expensive, session. Somehow not peeing or pooping for 12 hours does not rest well with the docs. Soooo, she bought herself another night in the NICU and an IV! Hopefully the fluids will help keep her hydrated under the lights and she can start working on dropping her bili levels. At 2pm they had come down some but not enough. Plan is to check them again Sunday morning at 6am. Looks like we may be staying until Monday now. Much easier to take care of this here then at home.

Besides, Chris and I feel like we are on vacation! Nothing like coming to your local hospital to get some good R & R. No monkeys to chase, no dishes to wash, no meals to cook...plenty of time to talk, sleep, read a book...Not a bad deal after all. Though I am sure Hawaii would be just as expensive but we could all be working on our tan there:)

We are extremely thankful that all we are facing is some sunbathing and high bili levels. Much easier than the surgery we thought she would be facing. God is good...a bit humorous, but good non the less.

We did enjoy her party today and she was able to join us before they started her IV. She even got to wear one of her cute outfits:) The boys especially enjoyed the chocolate cake and presents for them. Smart girl...brought presents for the boys. Peyton warmed up to her today and was really sweet with "baby sister". Parker was delighted that he got to hold her by himself...the look on his face was priceless. Wish we could share the pics with you now.

Chris was able to go home for a bit and spend some time with the boys. My mom stayed and hung out with me at the hospital and we had some great girl time. My parents and sister have bent over backwards for us to make this an easier time. They took the boys on a "road trip" today to the Atlanta aquarium. I think they had more fun than the boys. My sister went and ordered the cake and picked up the balloons. Chris' mom spent the day with us and Miss Priss at the hospital. We have AMAZING families that are more than willing to do ANYTHING for us. We are so blessed to have this and I hope we never take them for granted. Any of them would drop anything they had to help us or our kids out. God has blessed us in many, many ways.

She is snoozing in the NICU tonight under her lights. Thanks for all your support and prayers. We will keep you updated and look forward to sharing our pics with you soon.

Joyfully in Him,
Chris and Martha


Anonymous said...

Still no name? You can't keep us in such suspense!

Tallon said...

I also read every email anxiously awaiting the name=) soo glad you guys had a fun day with her in your room and thankful she got to be at "her" party- How wonderful to have both families sooo involved- we are also blessed that way and I am soo thankful! Praying the bili levels go DOWN and she poops and pees tons so you can all go home on Monday.
Thanks for the updates