Saturday, June 30, 2007

Baby we've come along way!

Wow! It is so hard to believe that they boys are 2 years old! Where does time go? Every year just seams to go by faster than the previous. We celebrated the boys birthday with family and friends at our home. It was nice having family here to celebrate this year. It was also bitter sweet because our friends in California couldn't be here to celebrate with us. During our 3 years in CA our friends became very dear to us and we very much consider them our family. We miss you guys and will see you this fall:) The boys had a wonderful time and all the kids loved the sandbox and of course the pinata was a hit... lots of candy for everyone:) The theme was trucks of course! More pictures will be posted later as they are on my moms camera and she is sending me the CD. Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us and showered the boys with gifts. For those of you who couldn't make it, we miss you and hope to see you soon. We can't wait to see their "stats" at their 2 yr check up on Tuesday. They have always told us they would "catch up" by age 2... we shall see:)

Once again I made the boys their own cake... yeah, they didn't eat it so much...wait until you see my mom's pictures...check back soon:)

This pictues does not do their Preemie clothes justice. They were so tiny!

My mom made all the kiddos the cutest "cercie" to take home as a party treat

The cake the rest of us ate:)



Tallon said...

cute CUTE cakes- I LOVE the bulldozers on it- my son would have been diving to the cake trying to grab one off of it!! I loved reading your birth story- Thanks for sharing those memories- even though I only had 1- I felt like I could so relate on so many turns and than not so on others- Isn't God good and Faithful to provide what you needed (even in Ca) when you needed!!!!!! I am going to check out the fruit drink you mentioned- thanks a bunch for the idea bc I am about idea'd out on fruit and ways to get it in Tal's body! If you are ever in Columbia- I am sure Collin would drive up to take pictures of the boys- I never can figure out how he gets the pictures he does bc I always leave each photo shoot telling myself how crazy Tal acted- running around- not smiling, crying, fussy, etc! and than I see the pictures and I want to cry bc they are soo my little boy's sweet and fun personailty! I hope your 2 yr pics turn out AMAZING!!!!!!

Steve and Miranda said...

Çute! Love the shortalls, love the cakes!