Friday, February 01, 2008

She has done it again!

She amazes me, she really does. Twice now she has given us something to treasure and hold dear to our hearts. Something we can share over the years with our children and one day thier children. Something we can share with our friends and families. She has captured life in the moment for us. Captured the boys in their element. We will not have to look back and wonder what life with them was like at this age. She captures it so well. It's not staged or posed (really how could it be with our 2 monkeys). It's life in the moment, the hear and now. It is wonderfully and beautifully done.

Sara shot our maternity shoot yesterday as a gift to us and our little one on the way. I'm not the biggest fan of having my picture taken...but I really enjoyed this and am so thakful to have these picture to share and cherish. The boys did not disapoint...they were wild and rambuncious as usual. Their one track mind was in full glory...their cars and trucks! That is just it, she captured them being them. I don't think we have a picture in the past year and a half without some sort of car or truck. They LOVE thier cars and trucks. I love watching their passion come together. What a fun morning we had. Thank you Sara for capturing our life for us. Thank you that we will have this moment forever. Your talent amazes me. You have a wonderful and beautiful outlook on life and it shows through your kids, your family and your pictures. He has blessed you greatly, thank you for sharing a piece of it with us.

You may remember these pictures from the boys two year old "a day in the life of" shoot from last July. They turned out fabulous.

These new pictures do not disapoint. Take a look:)

If you are anywhere in the Atlanta or surrounding area...give her a call. She is the photographer for you!

A post needs a picture of some here is one of the boys feeding the ducks from last November. picture of them together posing for the camera. I had to go back to November to get one of them in the same shot:) They love feeding the ducks. We often hear them talking to each other about it. Sometime they will come to us and say "Bye Bye, see ya later". As they walk towards the door we ask "where are you going"? Parker's usual response: "I go feed ducks". So funny and so cute. Sadly, the ducks have gone further south for the winter.

Check out Sara's pictures...clearly better than ours:)

*for some reason the "check spelling" function is not working:( I live my life with this button... so please ignore any (the many) spelling errors you find. I am by far the worst speller ever!*


Laura Hamm said...

Martha!! The new pictures are WONDERFUL!!! You look so beautiful!!! The family shots are also great!! I cant believe how big the boys are getting!!! Wishing and praying for all the best!!


Anonymous said...

These pics are amazing. I'm so glad that you did this. Your belly is the cutest too. Does your photographer have family in California that she needs to visit sometime soon? Has she ever wanted to see California? We have a place for her stay! She's fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Those pics should be in a magazine! You look fabulous, you might not feel fabulous, but you look it! I love the ever-present trucks in the pics, too! I second what Kim said, can your photographer visit CA?!?


Tallon said...

FANTASTIC pics Martha- LOVE them- esp the family one with 1 of the boys kissing the belly and the other 1 driving a car on the belly- sooooo cute!!!

The Wilson Family said...

Martha and Chris, I love your pictures, those are so beautiful!!!I wanted you to know that I contacted Sara for a family pregnancy shoot for us. So I told her I was referred to by you guys! Good luck with the arrival of your new daughter!!!

The Hardy Family said...

Martha, those are great pictures! How wonderful to have such a good neighbor to do this for you! I know you will cherish those forever. You look SO good!!

Steve and Miranda said...

WOW! Those pics are AMAZING! You would never know you are having some rough days, physically...the pictures are priceless-so glad you decided for it. Can't wait to meet this precious girl!

Chrys and Mike said...

your belly is soooooo cute! those pics are fantastic. my fav is the one of you sitting on the floor.