Wednesday, February 13, 2008

$32 a month, it can change the world

I love finding new blogs to read. It's fun to see where my friends have friends. I'm now reading blogs of people I've never met before all the way in Texas, New York and even South Carolina. Many times I feel like I've gotten to know a little bit about them and I've never even spoken to them or met them in person. Usually we have something in common; be it 2 year old sons, a background in medicine or even a simular life story. My husband calls this an addiction...I call it broadening my horizons:) I mean else am I going to meet new people with soon to be 3 kids under 3! Yes, we do get out and about...but many days the computer is my link to the outside world.

Soooo, if you are like me and enjoy "meeting" new people...err finding new blogs. Then join me on one amazing adventure with some friends of ours. They are fellow Georgians, also by way of Southern California. They were our California family and now they live "up the steet" from us in the big city. Already this week my heart has been touched. Tears have been flowing and prayers have been said. They are bringing Uganda, Africa into our home and into our lives via a blog. They, along with several others, are our eyes, ears, hearts and hugs this week. They are traveling with Compassion International as bloggers telling their stories. It has been amazing to see their pictures, hear their stroies and see lives being changed. Compassion is teaming up with these selected bloggers to help brighten the future of many children out there.

What can you cut out every month? 5-7 Starbucks drinks, a night out at the movies, one less trip to "pick up a few things" at the grocery store, the oh so many items at Target? Really, that is all it takes to sponsor a child. $32 a month. This provides them and their family with food and a child with an education. It provides a child with a chance to hear of Jesus' love and a commitment from a family to pray for them and love them from afar.

We sponsor an adorable little girl from Thailand. We have "known" Mai for a few years now and have enjoyed watching her grow. Her family was killed in the tsunami in December of 2004. In her short life she has been through so much. She always writes with excitment and thanksgiving. We hear what she is learning in school, how her sister is doing and the things she does to help out her grandmother. She sends prayer requests and often asks how she can pray for us. We can't wait for the boys to be old enough to write to her too. We often talk about one day traveling on a Compassion trip to Thailand to meet her in person. She is a blessing to us and we have enjoyed every piece of mail we have received. In this day and age of's always fun to get that piece of "snail mail" you have been looking forward to. Nothing can really replace seeing someones' handwritting...a peice of themselves.

Pop on over to see Carlos and Heather and their new friends in Uganda. They both have a wonderful blog that will keep you reading long after they have returned from Uganda. They keep it real and relevant. Never a dull day on Carlos' blog. Yep, I said a day because he has multiple posts a day. He is doing an incredable job of creating community through his blog. His goal: sponsor 100 kids through Compassion via his blog. Well, 300 really. He does have 3,000 visitors a day. It's not all about the numbers either. His heart wants to see these kids connect with a family that will not only support them financially but also commit to pray for them. Both he and Heather have a great outlet to use to help that happen. Their hearts are genuine and they love the Lord. When I think of the definiton of friend...Heather comes to mind. Stop by and say hello. They have some amazing stories to tell. While you are there, check out their adoption story of their son. Pretty amazing. Click on the "our adoption" link at the top of the page on Carlos' blog.
See, isn't it fun finding new friends? You'll love them I promise. Their pictures and stroies from this trip will warm your heart. There are some precious children on thier blogs. We've got lots of love to offer.
A "So Cal" night out in Atlanta. Some friend of ours from California were visiting both of our families during December. We took them out on the town to try and convince them to move here too! Is it working? Us, Carlos and Heather, James and Alyssa

Heather and me

*please excuse any mispellings...agh, spell check is NOT working and I am the world's worst speller. Yes, really. That may even go on my grave stone:)*


Amy Cathy said...

I just LOVE Heather and Carlos. They have great blogs and amazing hearts. How did you find them? Church?

cayce said...

Hey Darleys!! It's good to catch up with you guys and see your sweet boys. They are precious. I came your blog from Jill Reeves' blog and love seeing what you guys are up to. Take care!

chelle's winks said...

Fell upon your blog because of your love for Clemson Tigers. What I found is a love for so much more. Your blog is very touching and I have so enjoyed reading and visiting your other friends. Feel free to come visit me too....

Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!