Sunday, April 06, 2008


Fabulous is just one word to describe the pictures Sara took for Anna Claire's newborn session. I always look forward to seeing her work and she never disappoints. We were able to get in to see her when Miss Priss was 12 days old. Of course the boys came along...and their cars. I don't think we have any pictures of them without some type of car in there. All 3 of our sessions with Sara have included their cars and trucks. I love it because it will remind me of this time with them as I look back over the years. It captures who they are.

I love, love, love how the pictures turned out. Check out her blog for the previews. I've sent many of you the password for all the proofs. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have. One of my favorites is the tutu. I plan on using it in pictures as she grows:)

You may remember these pictures from last summer. Our maternity session turned out just as fantastic. If you are looking for a great've found one! She knows how to get those perfect shots that capture the personality beautifully. I look forward to her capturing our life for years to come. I love looking at my walls and seeing the personality of the boys shining upon us. It brings a smile to my face and laughter to my heart. Once we get the new ones on our walls, I will have to take a picture of all of them for you to see. I was anxious at first with getting professional pics of the boys. I knew there was no way they were going to sit posed. I have fallen in love with her style of photography and could not imagine my boys and now baby girl being shot any other way. Thanks Sara for the gift you have given us to enjoy for many years to come. A gift we can pass on to their children.

While you are on her blog, check out her new high school senior promo. Sure do wish we had this option when I was this age. So much fun! The video is fabulous too. The talent in her family is amazing. How neat to have a brother with this talent. Too much fun.

4 days old...poor girl has yellow eyes from her jaundice.

a tribute to our So Cal friends

Getting ready for the ACC tournament


The Hamm Family said...

The new posts are great! The pictures, both by Sara and the ones you all have taken, are GREAT! Yalls sweet baby girl is beautiful and I cant believe how big the boys are getting. They are looking so much like kids and less like babies! Way too cute and wonderful! Hope all is going well and we still look forward to meeting Miss Priss and seeing the whole family soon!

Love, The Hamm Family

The Howell family said...

She is adorable. I think she looks like you and her brothers! I wish we had a Sara Anthony in Beaufort!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys! I'm glad you updated your Blog- I check it whenever I can! The pictures are, once again, AMAZING!

THe Turners

Alyssa Culin said...

Wow Martha, they all look amazing. I don't think I am ever going to look as beautiful as you did. I love seeing the cars. One of my favorite pictures of the maternity group is them on the floor. Can't wait to see Miss Priss.

James and Alyssa

The Hardy Family said...

I love all the new pictures of Anna Claire! She is so adorable! The boys did a great job in the pictures, too! I hope your infections clear up soon! You are tough!
Take care!

Anonymous said...

I love the belly pics. You will forever cherish these. You are an amazing prego girl and should have more! I love the pictures of little Miss Anna Claire in her tutu! She is absolutely adorable. She seems a little on the serious side (reminded me of Reagan. Your family is beautiful. Miss you so much!
Love, Kim

Tallon said...

I had been wondering how you guys were doing!! soo sorry about the yeast. I did not have that but had 2 horrible episodes of mastitis. Hang IN THERE! It gets better!! =) Anna Claire is soo cute and I LOVE the professional pics- AWESOME!!!!! You will soo enjoy having them. Can't wait to see more tutu pics=) Praying things cont to go well as all transition!! I bet the boys are too cute trying to show Anna Claire all their cars=)

Chris and Amy said...

I love reading the updates. I definitely need you to show me how to add the links in the body of the post and how to add comments under pictures. I am awful at this computer stuff.

JT said...

Wow, I am so behind on th Darley family life! I think yall must have 14 kids by the pictures!

I heard you moved back from California! I thought about you guys when I was taking the job, it's funny, there are many tigers that are living in Cali.

Your kids look awesome! Congrats!

Tallon said...

hey girl! would you guys be up for a play date in late July?!?1 Reeves is looking at attending a conference and Tal and I are prob going to come with him! Let me know, Hope things are going well- can't wait to see more pics- I bet the boys are PRECIOUS with Anna Claire!

Chris and Amy said...

I love reading your blog. Show some new pics of your precious addition! Talk to you soon.