Sunday, April 06, 2008

I Know, I know...

Wow, what a slacker I have been! But we have plenty of excuses:) My mom was here for a would have thought I could have gotten something posted!

Our lap top was in SC trying to get "healed". The boys had dropped it and the screen is barely hanging on. The packing tape is working for now. We call it our Dave Ramsey computer as it cost more to fix than it is worth but we are not really in the market to buy a new one right now. Then we got the computer back without the cord...and a dead battery. OK, so that makes 2 excuses. There are more. I ended up with 2 infections: a mild uterine infection and cellulitis at and below my incision. Not really fun at all. Thankfully my mom took the boys to SC for almost a week and I was able to rest some. However, in doing that, she downloaded all the hospital pics onto her computer....and then I couldn't post them:( I think we are up to 5 excuses now. My run of antibiotics for the infections brought on thrush for Miss Priss which she kindly passed onto me through nursing. Talk about painful nursing. Oh my! Now at 5 1/2 weeks we are STILL trying to get rid of the yeast and I am hear to tell you that clearly when the Bible was translated into English they forgot to include in Genesis the part of painful nursing when they spoke of birthing pains for the women....Clearly, this is a form of midevil torture! It is so wearing on you mentally but I am to stubborn to throw in the towel. We shall see. I see my OB on Tuesday for my 6 week check up and we just might have a come to Jesus talk about getting rid of this yeast. I never knew something could be more stubborn than me:) How is that for excuses? I hope to have the hospital pics soon....we were to get them this weekend but my sister got a tummy bug and we didn't head to SC. Yep, last excuse!

Sooooo, thanks for sticking around and coming back. I will try to stay updated. The perfectionist in me hates it when I get behind. Then when I do....I just don't do it if it can't be done right. Oh the control issues I need to get rid of. How I survived life with twin infants is beyond me:) Lots and lots of help and letting go.

Here are my last prego pics.

32 weeks with the boys: 2 days before they arrived

38 weeks 6 days with Miss Priss: day of delivery

One day old. I fell in love with this hat that had a big pink bow attached. I guess one forgets how little a newborn is...the bow was bigger than her:) It still doesn't fit! I think it might be 96 degrees outside before it fits her. Not to worry, I will still get a picture:)

Miss Priss catching some rays:)

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Mike and Ashley Madden said...

Finally, I didn't think I would ever see a new post. Glad to see that things are going...even though it sounds like you have had some obstacles. I am so glad to hear that both of you are surviving life with 3 children under 3. More power to you!
Can't wait for the next update...I love reading them!