Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Pulling Teeth: Wednesday Night

Why oh why is trying to get pictures of your own kids like pulling teeth? Just like pulling a loose's not painful, it's just aggravating, takes lots of tries and the thought just makes you cringe! I guess I can only speak for myself....but it reminds me of trying to get pictures of my 3 monkeys!

Now a days I prefer the "doing life" shots and that's great cause no one has to pose and it doesn't matter if no one is looking at the's usually better when not everyone is. BUT, it is nice every once in awhile to get that cute shot of your kids where everyone is's the one the grands and great grans want for their frame on the TV. It's also the one that leaves everyone feeling unnerved and ready to scream!!!! It's like pulling teeth I tell ya! The anxiety starts well before you even pull the camera out.

I leave you with our well documented attempt at getting "the" picture.

OK, Parker...Anna Claire, come sit down. Let's take a picture.

Peyton....Peyton! Pay attention please...come sit by your brother and sister.

Love each other...OK, smile. Stop choking your brother, LOVE him!

Kids! PLEASE!!!! Pay attention. Parker, scoot closer to your sister.

Anna Claire...look at mommy!

Peyton...please smile normal...K?

Great (insert impatience here). Kids! Now! LOOK. AT. ME!


(if you command please, does it still count as manners?)

Candy for everyone if you listen....(sweet and pleading tone here)

(bribing your kids for pictures isn't all that detrimental...right?)

aaaand...this is "the" shot we got. Classic!

Then you throw in other family members to the mix and you throw in a whole new recipe for....impatience and frustration. Note to adults....when in staged picture with kids....please, Always, ALWAYS look at the camera! It greatly increases the chances we will get "the" picture you want. The one where everyone is smiling pretty and looking directly AT the camera...yeah, just as I thought.

Kids picture with the great grandparents....take 20!


Ummm...not. really. working

(love AC pulling Parker's hair...classic)

There we go...improvment...2 adults looking at the camera!

Aaaaand....we're done! D.O.N.E!

Our option at this point...crop everyone else out of the picture to get a cute shot:)

Pa Pa and his big girl

Pa Pa started asking for a baby girl pretty soon after Chris and I were married. He has 3 grandchildren...ALL boys! No pressure...but he REALLY wanted a baby girl. I remember when we were at the beach with Hannie and Pa Pa one summer. We had been married for 2 1/2 years and not really thinking of kids just yet. I remember a little girl toddling by us at the pool. Pa pa looked over and said, "I'd like one of those one day". Fast forward about 9ish months later and we were 20ish weeks pregnant with twins....finding out they were BOTH BOYS...identical too! I laughed and told Chris he was going to have to be the one to call and tell his Pa Pa the news. I just couldn't bare to tell him. Of course he is crazy about the boys and wouldn't have it any other way. But, boy howdy, I think he did his first back flip the day we told him baby #3 was a GIRL!!!! To this day she is known as "Pa Pa's BIG girl"! We had to change it from "Pa Pa's baby girl" when she became to insistent about the baby part here lately. Having to encourage the potty training you know!

Mommy and Miss Priss

-of all the pictures that turned out...why didn't we take this one at the beach! Go figure!


Mike and Ashley Madden said...

this is a GREAT picture of y'all!! It has been all too long since you put up new posts of yourself. Also, where are y'all? Looks like so much fun!!!

Amy said...

martha you're so pretty! i always love reading your blogs because you put lots of pictures of your adorable kids on there, but i do love to see you some times too :) one of these days we'll run into you at church.