Monday, October 13, 2008

Nope, NOT ME!

Looks like I've made it to another Monday! Kicking and Screaming, but I am here. Where do the weeks go? I can't believe I am only getting here on Monday mornings. Sadly, not much to say this time...we had a busy week and a fun filled weekend but not too many "Not Me!" moments. We spent a nice long weekend with my parents. It was filled with many adventures and a nice break for me. Maybe they should be posting this day since they took over kid duty for me. I did manage to come up with a few.

Sadly, I don't have any pics from the weekend. My mom didn't have her camera on our outings and Chris had ours back here at home. The boys had their first adventure at Chuck E. Cheese's. They loved the games and had the most fun placing their tokens in the slots. No telling how many we lost that way. Saturday was a fun day at The SC State Fair. Lots of rides and even more food. Mmmm Mmmm elephant ears! The fair always seems to bring out SC's finest if you know what I mean....sadly, I think you can add us to the list this year.

Don't forget to check out MckMama and her post of the day. A classic, as usual! I also just realized you can click on the orange box above and that will in fact take you to her blog....Who knew? Not me!

My son did NOT lock himself in the stall at his preschool to go "poop" as I was trying to juggle both of them and Miss Priss at the same time. This my friends is why we NEVER get anywhere on time.

I did NOT leave two three year olds in the same bathroom as above to go all the way down the hall to hand Miss Priss off to their teacher so I could return and retrieve Peyton from the locked stall.

I did NOT come back to find Parker standing at the door to the bathroom peering out in the hallway....with his pants around his ankles. No one else saw this either....

I did NOT just find my boys hiding under the kitchen table eating a Kit Kat bar as I was typing the above....who leaves their 3 year olds unattended these days...O wait, I think we have already pointed the guilty finger my way. Hey, at least they were sharing the candy!

On the same day as the above mentioned potty incident....I did NOT pull into a rest area for the boys to use the bathroom....and proceed to set up my own rest stop by my van with their very own potties. Nope, NOT ME! (It may have looked something like this...8th picture down)

At the second pit stop I didn't even bother with the potties....have boys...can stand to pee....Check!

(are you kidding me people, lug three very small children into a public bathroom so two of them can fight over who is going to pee first while the other mops up the floor with a tantrum and touches EVERY DIRTY THING in know you would do the SAME thing)

As we were leaving the Fair grounds and loading up the car...."I have to go pee pee". No bathroom in sight and no re entry.... I did NOT, once again, whip their pants down and let them pee right there in the grassy parking area....I mean really, who lets their kids pee this many times in public areas in one weekend. NOT ME! This was the one thing I said I would NEVER do with my kids.....Yeah, well, I have learned to never say never!

So there you go...add us to South Carolina's finest that show up at the fair every year...they are the ones that let their kids pee in the grass parking lots!

I did NOT curse Georgia's fine governor for allowing paving to take place on a MAJOR interstate at 5pm on a weekday of a rather large town....did I mention a cop STOPED traffic on this major interstate of this good size town for 45 MINUTES! I was loosing my were my 3 screaming kids in the back of the van. Paving the road....really? Clearly, you can follow the chain of command right up to the Governor. Thank You Mr. Sonny Perdue....for the fine public service work you are doing on our roads.....AT 5PM RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC! A GREAT way to use our tax dollars.

Gosh, it seems MANY of my post are related to the potty lately....I guess that is why you call it bathroom humor? Seeing that we ARE STILL POTTY TRAINING, and I can only hope they will be done by the time we move them in freshman year for college....there should be plenty more stories to come. They are boys afterall....don't ALL boys dwell on potty humor anyway?

Since I have no pics from the weekend, I'll close with a few from our last day at the neighborhood pool for the summer. What good is a post without some pictures:)

Miss Priss

My three monkeys...she now gets included in the monkey category....she will be extremely mobile within the week. She has the "inch bug" method down pretty good now. Not sure I am ready for this! Um....not sure Monkey 1 and Monkey 2 are ready for this!


Anonymous said...

"At the second pit stop I didn't even bother with the potties....have boys...can stand to pee....Check!"

Best idea ever! Great not mes!

Rebecca said...

I totally LOVE your "NOT ME" Monday posts!! glad you had a fun weekend with your parents and got a break from kid duty somewhat!!! Watch out- now everytime you pass Chuck-E-Cheese- the boys will be pleading to go. Tal LOVES that place and requests it frequently... although he does not usually get what he requests=) hope you have a fantastic week! has the house sold yet???

Fran said...

I so enjoy your "Not Me Mondays," Martha. Glad y'all enjoyed the Fair this weekend. Dad said attendance was down w/ the weather so I hope y'all were able to take advantage of a little less crowds. :) Love the potty humor, too. There are some nice things about having boys, huh?

Anonymous said...

It's nice to know that I'm not the only one that has done this a handfull of times. Oh well. When they gotta go, they gotta go! I've been thinking that the girls aren't gonna be so easy. I'll have to start carrying the "potty." Don't worry about all the potty talk, it's goin on at my house too. I can't seem to get Luke out of these pull ups at night. I'm tired of buying them.
I'm tempted to go cold turkey on him to see what happens, but I may regret that. My goal is by Christmas. Anyway, very cool that the boys got to go to Chucky Cheese. I bet they were so excited. Love ya!

The Howell family said...

So funny. I'm glad ya'll had fun! Reagan and I split a fried snickers this afternoon. Yummo! We thought there would be more rides for the girls but all we could do was the carousel. But, they enjoyed it and the animals. Hey, the boys are telling you they need to go potty-that is great! You'll be there soon ;)