Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The boys imaginations have been full tilt lately. I love it! I love hearing them talk to each other when they are in bed at night and I love hearing them talk to themselves at nap time. I need to do a better job of writing these things down.

Recently they have been into animals. We have many different types of animals living with us. Usually it is baby chicks. However, we have had many tiger, gorilla and and baby lion sightings. Usually they do OK with these creatures. Peyton recently was HYSTERICAL that there was a baby gorilla in the corner at nap time. Luckily this was on a weekend and Chris was able to rescue him from this horrific sighting. Their favorite cohabitant of ours is baby chicks. They carry them everywhere with us. Many times I will look to see them walking around with their fists clenched shut....carrying the baby chicks of course. They were in the backyard playing one morning and had me absolutely convinced there were baby chicks in the woods. They had sticks they were poking the ground with and I was worried they really were hurting these little birds they found.....nope, nothing there.

I have these preschool books for the boys that I am filling out to help us remember this time in their life. I was asking them several questions about school to help fill the book out. I asked Parker who was his best friend, fully expecting him to say Peyton......AvE. AvE? Who is that? He gets this silly grin on his face and repeats the name. Hmmm. I look at the class list and realize my baby has his first crush! Avery is a little girl in his class this year. I was not sure who she was and was looking forward to Wednesday when I walk them in instead of using the drop off line. Well, today I meet Avery. I must say he has VERY good taste. She is the cutest thing. Long, full blond hair and the most darling outfits. Little does Avery know but she has been napping with us, eating supper with us and coloring with us. Today he was walking in with his fists clenched.

Me: "Parker what is in your fists?"

P: Looks at me and then looks at his teacher who is standing beside his true love

Me: "Who are you holding on to there buddy?"

P: Looks at me and grins

Oh sooo cute. Miss Beth and I just laugh. I learn that he and Peyton were fighting over her yesterday at school. Te he he. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that one.

First day of school picture 9/2

Showing off their new shirts

Not sure about the weather at your house, but it has been delightful here these past two days. We leave a bit after 8 to go to school and it has been in the 60's! Ahhh, fall is in the air. I've been up to midnight the past few nights and needed a pick me up this morning after dropping the monkeys off. Two of my favorite things. I dug around in my money dish in the van and came up with some $1 bills. Found my gift card to 4bucks coffee...mmmm pumpkin spice latte.
Love all those $1 bills. They really add up:) We have a deal that Chris gives me all his change...ones and coins. My friends call them my stripper ones cause I save them up and usually have a nice pile floating around. Sara has seen quiet a few of these...I use them to fund our picture sessions. Shh, Chris might change his mind once he sees how quickly they add up:)

The only thing that would have topped off this mornings treats would have been a Jamba Juice! Yes the one refered to in the movie Baby is a real place! This was my absolute favorite treat when we were living in So Cal. They have THE BEST smoothies. Orange Dream Machine is my favorite. We went to Colorado back in April (pic above) and found them there! I was in heaven. Sadly the closest one to us in the terminal in the Charlotte, NC airport. Two problems with this. 1) That is 2 states away 2) You have to be flying b/c it is IN the terminal. Killing me people. My dear husband has been known to travel for work to said area AND to fly all the way home bringing me the above treat! That one scored major deposits in my love tank:)

This is why I've been up to midnight lately and running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Chris has been working long hours and kid duty is in my court. No this is not my laundry pile (that hasn't been touched this week) but all the clothes that I am selling in a consignment sale this weekend. I have not one but two to get ready for! It's the big thing to do around here and a lot of fun. Many of my girlfriends are in on this too. Great deals and Good times. I do have to get my clothes together and price tags on them ALL.

Don't leave your lap top around monkeys or it might look like this! Held together with packing tape.

We headed to God's country over the weekend (Clemson). Though it felt like a lot more like another place than I imagine Heaven feeling like. It was HOT!!! Chris' roomies from college were all in town. Two of the roomies have twins, one is married to a twin and another that was not there also has twins....what's in the water people?

Nothing like a prime potty spot for the monkeys. Gotta love potty training and being on the road. They were thrilled when we pulled into a truck stop for our break.

Can't have a post without pics of Miss Priss. Taken yesterday on our first cool morning. The Baby Legs were perfect for a quick fix to the cool temps as we were walking out the door. I had just enough time to change her diaper, pop in a bow and pull on the leg warmers....she had slept in the onsie:)

Look at those thighs! Grown on double A's my friends:) Guess I can stop feeling guilty that the boys also got breast milk yet remained peanuts. She ain't afraid to show those things off. I call her pork chop...affectionately of course. Loving all those rolls...guess they wont be so cute come spring break freshman year. I love them now though!


Rebecca said...

Martha- thanks for posting- I enjoy reading the updates- absolutely LOVE Anna Claire's rolls- she is soooooo cute and I am soo hopefull that this time around- my breast milk will produce a chunky monkey- haha=)
the boys are growing- they would have a blast with Tallon- maybe one day we will be in the same city. Reeves is already talking about doing another Walk thru the Bible conference in Atl so you never know.... what preschool book are you filling out for them?!? I soo want to remember these days but somehow seem to exhausted to stop and take the time sometimes to write things down!!!

Chrys and Mike said...

fabulous, funny post. i laughed a lot. love your pics of your precious babies. sooooo cute!

and good job on those thigh rolls! my skinny babies never had them so i'm really impressed, momma!


Anonymous said...

I love hearing the updates on the kids. I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte for this season last week and thought of you. It made me think of the mornings we'd take the kids to Victoria Gardens, let the kids play and drink our Lattes. Where has the time gone. Parker and Peyton are getting so big. I love that they have a little sweetie at school. Miss Anna Claire is absolutely adorable. I just want to pinch those precious thighs. Reagan's are starting to thin out, but Brad still calls her thunder thighs. Miss you so much! Kim

Anonymous said...

Those leg warmers are precious! She is so cute! I too have indulged in the pumpkin spice latte's... it's below 80 here... does that count for fall??? Miss & love you!

The Howell family said...

Yummmm, pumpkin spice latte! I haven't had one of those in a while. Maybe b/c I would have to go to Chas and Savannah to get one :) I really enjoyed the new posts. First crush! Wow, so cute. Anna Claire is precious! I love her rolls. Hope things are going well with the store and moving. Hope to see you at the GT game.