Monday, September 22, 2008

Nope, NOT ME!

Seeing that I seem to be making some headway into this posting thing again:) I thought I might take a moment and let you see what I have been up to if potty training, hubby working crazy hours, tagging clothes for consignment sales and keeping the 2 monkeys out of trouble weren't enough. I put blogging aside for several reasons this summer....but I did NOT stop reading them. I gave myself enough time during the day to multitask so that reading and keeping up with you guys could still happen. Every time I sat down to nurse Miss Priss, I was reading, reading, reading. This is what made leaving comments difficult too:)

Today presented itself with a great opportunity to share a blog with you that I am absolutely hooked on....may come close to stalking:) You see, I have never even left a comment here but I feel like this family is just around the corner, they are not. We pray for them quite often and I love, love, love reading her witty stories, her parenting techniques and how God is working in her life. AMAZING, I tell you. She has GOT IT GOING ON over there. Really, you are going to want to check her out. BUT....make sure you've got a couple of hours because you are going to get hooked! She is a riot I tell you. Kim, you are going to LOVE this one! Go on...add it to our list of daily must reads. She is right up there with 6YearMed, Steece's Pieces, Whittaker Women, Ragamuffin Soul, Miss CB (the best dressed toddler ever)..sorry guys, she is private and many more. You can thank me later:) It's been a year(can you believe it) since we've added another one. It's about time don't ya think.

All this to say she has started something fabulous and oh so fun....makes you realize you are NORMAL and there are plenty of other mommy's out there doing some crazy stuff too:) My blog readers, meet MckMama and her MSC (many small children as she likes to call them). Big Mac, MckNugget, Small Fry and soon to arrive MckMuffin. It must be something about California I tell you. She is refreshingly honest and least her blog comes across that way. Her transparency is catching and her pictures incredible. Go take a look...I promise you'll love her for good. It's baby Stellan we have been praying for (aka MckMuffin). Their story of this current pregnancy, the struggles, fears, unknown outcome and faith will capture your heart. Can you tell I have become a Raving Fan?

Without further adu...her is her newest creation:

Check out her post here and links to many other mommas out there who do NOTHING wrong any given day of the week:) Currently writing this at 10:45pm here on the east coast there are already 191 participants! WOW.

I did NOT feed my monkeys oatmeal twice in one day last week. Hey, they had lunch in between which included a fruit. Plus, the oatmeal was organic and that solves ALL nutrition problems:)

Bath time was NOT skipped AGAIN b/c we just stayed inside and no one was visibly sweaty or dirty behind the ears...they make baby wipes for a reason you know!

Bribing the monkeys with food is NEVER done at our house. So when we were in Target getting some much needed things....the popcorn (which is a choking hazard and nutritionally absent) I fed the boys was NOT a bribe. I would NEVER do such a thing just to get my kids to behave, nope NOT me!

I absolutely DID NOT step outside to find the monkeys with shorts and underwear around their ankles peeing on the house being built two doors over. My children would NEVER do such a thing. Clearly they are raised better than that. Peeing in public of all things, NOT my kids. I did NOT wish I had my camera near by to snap a picture of said event.

The boys turned into smurfs yesterday because they were NOT left unsupervised with blue ink and stamps as I stepped out of the room for a moment. I did NOT leave baby sister in there with them either....Who in their right mind would ever leave 3 kids 3 and under unsupervised with blue ink (not crayola washable either)? I never said I was in my right mind:)

As I was reading MckMama's Not Me! Monday post I did NOT leave the monkeys unsupervised again....only to find them rearranging our closet. One day, I will learn my lesson...until then, it makes for some darn funny blog stories:) Isn't that what we hope for after all?!!!?

So come on...get on board with this one....see how funny it is and freeing! Come on girls...Do Tell.

Smurf 1 (err, Peyton) pre shower

Smurf 2 (err, Parker) hiding from us in the bathroom

Parker hard at work creating MORE work for me this morning in our closet. But I sure did have fun reading MckMama's latest. And that my friends, is all that matters.

Miss Priss not too keen on being cleaned up after the monkeys got a hold of her!


Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

i've never caught the 4 year old peeing on a bench at the playground either... nope, not me!

Aron said...

Hey, thanks for the compliment on Miss CB! But your little Miss Priss always seems to be dressed beautifully, too! Aren't little girls FUN?!?!

And this post was HILARIOUS!

The Turners said...

Thanks for the heads up on the great Blog! I also LOVE Steece's Pieces- I don't even remember how I stumbled across it- if Blog-Satlking were a job- I'd be the first to sign up!!

I love to hear your stories too!!

Rebecca said...

LOVE THE POST!!!! cant wait to check out the new blog=) and thanks for the email with info ( I am planning on emailing you back- things have been slightly crazy and I just HAD to have a nap today!!

Reece said...

Absolutely Hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! Her stories are so real and boy can I relate. Thanks for the link! This will be fun. Kim

sara said...

Love the stories. They have been trained by the best. ;0)

Fran said...

Hey Martha! It's Fran Goodman Petrey. I linked to your blog from Amy Caudle's and have really enjoyed catching up w/ your family and your going's on. We have a blog as well I also really enjoyed the woman's blog you linked to...thanks for sharing. Hope y'all continue to do well!