Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This one's for you take another one. Yes, you really are seeing an updated post from us. My bedtime has come and now gone, BUT...our blog is updated AND has new pictures. They are from the past month too! WOW!

Excuses, excuses is all we have. Some of them are pretty darn good too. It's too bad I can't share them all right now seeing that this is a public blog and all. Stick around and it will all come too. March has come and gone...taking my sanity with it. Three kids under 3 will do that to ya you know.

Lots and lots of change going on around here. Yes, we are ahead of schedule in that department:) 2 years not quit here yet and here we are making changes. I'll get to that one too. I hope I'll be getting to all this stuff I keep promising. I keep telling Chris that I need library day worked into my job description:) You know...a day where I can catch up on phone calls, answer emails, update our blog, think in full sentences. Oh and I need some sick and vacation days added too. While your at it, add a clause for conferences....I'll take one on a sunny island with lots of sand and crashing waves. What might this conference be about you may ask? Leisure reading and tanning of course. Anyone interested? I'll be paying for the single room rate...not sharing my bed or room this go round:)

What prompted this return out of the blue? A dear old friend from So Cal:) It was so good hearing from you. You MADE my night:) I thought to myself answering the phone...this sounds like Tammy Brown...but it couldn't be. I just adore out of the blue surprises like this. God works in marvelous ways. I've had a rough go at "mommy" this week and was just telling Chris that I was letting it get me down in all areas of my life. I was feeling the need for a So Cal fix and would he mind me skirting out there for a few days.....Thanksgiving break....Christmas? So Cal is getting back to my roots of who I have become today...of who Chris and I have become as a couple and of who I am as a mom. I was needing a refresher and I got one in the least expected way. God is so very cool. It came straight from the source. We went to Southern California with Chick-fil-A...but God used that to bring us to a very cool church...Sandals Church to be exact. Without writing a novel....This church was instrumental in changing Chris and I in many ways. Our hearts are forever changed because of the vision of this Church. Teaching you, leading you and showing you how to be REAL. It wasn't just all talk either. All this to say...a dear friend called me tonight to say HI and it was sooo soo good to hear from her. It is so hard to stay connected to long distance friends. It is so nice to pick up where you left of though.

So this post is for you Tammy...thanks for the updates, the smiles and the encouragement. It is such a blessing to hear how well things are going and the growth that you are seeing in many areas. Thanks for sharing your heart and for reaching out. Chris and I miss you and Matt greatly. Send our love and our hellos. See you in February for sure:) Instead of emailing you some pics, I'm putting them here. I meant every word I said. We left California changed because of the work God was doing in your lives and in a church called Sandals. Thanks for all the sacrifice y'all have made as a family to see this vision through. We take a piece of Sandals everywhere we go. The 3 years there is a defining moment in our lives. God is so good. Miss you girl.

Can you believe how big they are! Just think of the tiny p-nuts you held many a times. I still think of the day you and Heather showed up at our door step to surprise me with a night out with my hubby. I left you with a mess of a house and two screaming babies. I came home to a spotless home and 2 sleeping boys. Not to mention the time you cleaned my home after we were attacked by the Rota my friend...pure love.

This is what we here in the South call "smocking". Yeah, and we dress our children alike on purpose:) You would just laugh...not too worry, the boys have plenty of Quicksilver:)

Daddy is all the kids want these days...fine by me:) Working long hours and he comes home to this:) A good the kitchen AND entertaining the kids:) I really can't complain!

Can you believe what a chunk she is...I like to call her pork chop...just b/c I can:) The boys never made it to this status. 6 months old and 17 lbs!!! I kid you not....she has fat rolls like you can't imagine. She is not even eating food yet! Did you ever think a Darley baby would be so plump:)

She made it to her first Clemson was awful, don't ask. Just thought you would enjoy all our orange. That is an orange Tiger paw on her cheek.

Thanks for the call tonight. It was WONDERFUL hearing your voice. Sure do miss you. Send me pics of the kiddos...I can't imagine how big they are getting.


Anonymous said...

Seriously... wasn't ready for tears over this! Funny how God works in our hearts... I'm glad I listened to the spirit and called... you really were just on my heart with a deep "missing you". Glad to reconnect... won't be so long this time!
Love, Hugs, God Bless!

Love Tam

Chrys and Mike said...

yay for a post and pics from you!!!

enjoyed it all! they are beautiful.


Anonymous said...

So excited to see pics of the kiddos! Miss you guys sooo much! Love,

Erin said...

Hooray!! A post!! :) Your children are adorable! Michael has been chatting some with Chris through Facebook, but it is so fun to see pictures of your whole group! Don't know if ya'll are going to the game on Saturday--we'll be watching! (Go PACK!!)

Take care, Erin

Turners said...

I check your blog when I have a free moment (very rare with 3 under 3 as you know!) Your boys are getting soo big! Anna CLaire is adorable! We miss you guys!
Heather T. and boys

Jill said...


Soooo good to know you guys are alive and pressing on! I miss seeing you guys! It seems like God has done some neat things in your life as he expands the fam. It only makes me want to hear more and be spurred on.
Maybe we can connect sometime? By the way I am pregnant with our third baby!! About 10 weeks along.
Your kiddos are growing soooo fast! So fun to see a little of you and some of Chris!
Tell chris hi for us!

Laura H. said...

So excited for the new posts!!! I cant believe how big Anna Claire has gotten!!! I look forward to hearing more about what is going on with yall!


ER-Nurse said...

Great to see you guys are all doing well! Man I think about u often, especially now having twins! I dont know how u did it but it gives me hope :) Love you guys

Rebecca said...

sooo glad for a new post- can I just say how PRECIOUS ALL THREE OF YOUR KIDDOS ARE!!!!

Steve and Miranda said...

OK, she is absolutely precious! I have been checking in on your blog every few weeks and figured a post would come sooner or later but KNOW exactly why it hasn't!! I can't imagine how crazy busy you've been. Can't wait to hear all of the things almost sounded like a move was in the works again.
I only have 2 who are 15 months and just turned 3--and I hardly ever get to post anything, either--if that makes you feel any better. Loved the pics! Thanks for taking time to do it.

Aron said...

Yay! A new post! Anna Claire is BEAUTIFUL and the boys are adorable as always. And they are all 3 growing like crazy! Thanks for the update, and I hope we'll see more soon??? PLEASE???

Chris and Amy said...

Yeah! I'm so excited that you are back to blogging. I love reading about all of your fun adventures. I noticed on LinkedIn that Chris is back as an Operator. Of course I need an update on that.