Monday, September 29, 2008

Nope, NOT ME!

Good gosh, these people are fast! Its just after midnight here on the East coast and already there are over 50 links! MckMama has got it going on:) Check out her "Not me! Monday" post here. Can't wait to read them. And why might I be up at midnight doing this you ask. You see, there are still some domesticating things to be done Monday morning and I wanted to get this done. So now it is. Plus, Peyton is going to be having an interesting breakfast this am and who knows how long that is going to take:)

Here goes:

I absolutely did NOT tell a tee tiny white lie to my boys last week. I mean seriously, who does that...lies to your kids. As if! It was time for new tennis shoes and off to Stride Rite we went. A monopoly on wide and extra wide kids shoes I tell you. Peyton wanted the ALL white leather shoes with the light up firetruck AND two velcro tabs across the top. Um...NO! If I am paying this much for shoes, they are going to look like I payed this much for shoes! "sorry honey, these don't come in your size". Yes, lightning struck just next door. I don't do velcro across the top and I certainly don't do light up either. Sure if this was a play pair and we were getting them cheaply. NOT for the amount they wanted. We picked out the "barfaroma" pair and all were happy. What boy doesn't want a pair of shoes called barfaroma anyway? Still velcro (I can't tie 2 pair of shoes 5 times a day) but in a stylish sort of way and dark blue so as to not appear demolished the first time they are worn on the playground. There....everyone happy.

My kids were NOT in thier PJ's when a friend came over recently at 8pm...what is wrong with this? They were the SAME PJ's from the night before....that they had not taken off from the night before. Saving on laundry I tell you! Yeah, there was no bath either:)

I did not threaten my child that what he did not eat for supper he would in fact eat for breakfast the next morning. are right, I DID in fact say that. But you see, it was not a threat at all. I learned early on that you mean what you say when it comes to discipline! Mr. Peyton will be eating his green beans and corn from his Sunday night supper for breakfast this morning. We shall see how this goes. I am just stubborn enough to do it too. You just wait and see. The boys have gotten down from the table plenty a times saying they were not hungry...and given nothing else to eat. They have learned to eat what is given, I am NOT a short order cook. They must TRY everything on their plate, but do not have to eat it all if they truly don't like it. Sure, their tummys have been growling when we tuck them in at night...but, they have learned to eat their food and be thankful for what they have...until recently when they have found it funny to play in their food. Dismissing them from the table, timeout, warnings, teaching...none of it has worked. Last night I had had enough and knew there must be a tougher consequence. They were given one warning and the consequence stated. Parker choose to finish his dinner....Peyton did not and continued to play thinking it was funny. So dismissed from the table it was and guess what is for breakfast:) Green beans and corn! It all came to a head last week when they pulled the playing with your food stunt at a neighbors house....we are going to nip this one in the bud!

So there you have not so good and still waiting to see parenting takes for the week. I'll keep you posted on breakfast. Makes you want to come eat at our house eh?

One cute pic we snapped of the boys Saturday night. We found them like this again Sunday night. Soooo sweet when they want to sleep near each other. Peyton does not like it when Parker gets in the bed with him...I guess this was his compromise. They did this all on their own.


Jen said...

I absolutely have not served my children their dinner for breakfast! But if, in fact, I had, I would tell you that it didn't take very many times for them to decide it tasted MUCH better when it was served to them freshly cooked at dinner. Good luck!

Weeksie50 said...

I wish I had my pj's on for two days stright.. that would mean that I could lay around all day reading my

chrys said...

you're such a good momma.

the PJ thing? it happens around here. but i'm usually still in them, too, which makes it worse. :)

and i'm with you on the shoes. they are ridiculously expensive!

i've tried making oliver eat whatever i fix but he has held out for a record FOUR DAYS♦ before. not eating anything (but drinking milk & green juice). that's when i gave in. maybe i am weak, but i just couldn't handle it anymore.


Jennifer said...

Love the picture of the kiddos sleeping that is too cute and great Not Me's also!

Gayle said...

I must be way too easy...I don't eat foods I don't like so my kids don't either. Their tastes are at opposite ends of the poles so I do lots of short-order cooking....sometimes 3 or 4 different dinners. Oh, well. They eat. They're happy, I'm happy and no one eats food they don't like...especially me! Love the pajamas....I've been in mine two days! :)

Aron said...

You are HILARIOUS!!! I loved this post!

Anonymous said...

You are super mom I tell you. I love that they moved their beds together. Way cute!