Monday, January 19, 2009


Alrighty....we have been absent. Alive, but very absent. LOTS of stories stored up and seeing that it is FRIGID out, plenty of time to hunker down and throw up some posts.

Frigid you might say? Don't you live in the south you might ask? Well, yes, come to think of it we do! However, somewhere along the line the weather man got it wrong...VERY, VERY WRONG! You see, numbers in the single digits, teens, 20's and 30's DO NOT BELONG HERE!

Well of course, if you have some of this to play with.... well, then maybe. But only for a day mind you.

"Cause then you could have some fun family time (you know, because EVERYTHING shuts down when the white stuff appears) and build some of these little guys!

But alas, we have none of this white stuff...these were pictures from last January. We just have the FRIGID temperatures sans the white stuff.

I live in the South for a reason...the deep South. It is NOT for cold weather:) Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the changing of seasons. I missed the 4 seasons when we were in Southern California. I just am not on board with temperatures in the teens and below freezing for that matter. By below freezing I generally mean anything lower than 68:)

I like a few good days here and there where you get to wear your wool pants and bundle up in you fun sweaters and have a fire. Just not so many in a row...with 3 small kids...stuck in the outlet for energy. So, you see my dilemma.

When I call my neighbor in the morning before 11 am to see if her heat is working...because ours is NOT...and it is 19*....something is very wrong. Only to learn that she is out and about doing a photo shoot! What? I hope she charged an inclement weather fee. Granted, she is well from you know....the frigid north and all. I think she laughs at us Southerners and our "cold" weather....and then invites us over for lunch and a good thawing in her warm, heat is very much working, home. Thank you Sara. The food was delicious, the company welcoming and the warmth inviting.

Then I think of this post from MckMama and realize maybe I've gone too far out on limb with the use of Frigid and South in the same sentence. When you can do this on a Sunday drive...well, then I guess you earn the right to use the word FRIGID as a description for your home town.

In the mean time, we'll be here in the frigid very cold South trying our best to stay warm and remember days gone by of summer, sun and temperatures warm enough to roast a turkey!

Ahh, yes...days playing in the sand at the beach!

Oh, and playing in the water fountains at the neighborhood pool.

Yes, yes, chocolate ice cream!

Now you're talking...peaches!

Not just ANY peaches...but good ole' South Carolina peaches. mmm, mmm!

Isn't Georgia, the peach state? Well, yes it is. But you see, I am a SC girl through and through and WE have the BEST peaches known to man! Gaffney peaches to be exact. Red Haven is my favorite. One of my favorite peach "events" is this one near my home town. You can find all things peach here: ice cream, tea, cobbler, jams and jelly...queens and her court! My mouth is watering as I type this. Oh the things you can do with a good peach....

homemade peach ice cream...need I say more?

(by far one of my favorite mother's day ice cream maker just the size you need for a few servings)

Bake yourself a good pound cake...serve with, you guessed it...peach ice cream!

Pound cake, fresh peaches and vanilla ice cream....the pound cake HAS TO BE WARM!

I guess we are left to dreaming of our peach desserts from last summer. I didn't even put the homemade peach cobbler and peaches & cream up. Ohhhh... peaches & cream, now your talking. A pecan crust with a filling of cream cheese, powdered sugar and cool whip. Wait for it....topped with peaches!

What's a girl to do...peach season is a L O N G way away.

Unless of course....

You have these bad boys tucked away in your freezer!

Really, what should I make?

Oh, and in the South, it's not rude to invite yourself over for dessert either!

Back to the pool
I don't EVEN want to know what Parker is doing...

Oh, this is D-EEE-lightful!

In the mean time we will be doing lots of this:

and passing our time by practicing our standing...

and playing dress up with Miss Priss' bows...yes,yes, the boys too.

did I mention they have GREAT hair for bows...and they love wearing my, I didn't think I did.

I did get me one of the fabulous coat, mummy, wrap everything up but your head and hands blankets for my birthday! You know the one....the one you've been secretly eyeing....stop being ridiculous and go buy it! It is WONDERFUL. Well, except for snuggling...the hubby HATES when I wear it. Wear it? Well, yes you wear it.

It just may look something like this:

Very appropriate for frigid very cold temperatures. Great for blogging, reading a book, flipping through a magazine....keeping your home thermostat at 65-66*! Yes, yes, a bit tough to snuggle with....but you have plenty of other blankets for that. You really do NEED one. Snuggle fleece blanket with sleeves or slanket.

Your Welcome


Anonymous said...

Oh girl, I miss you so much :) I hope you are doing well & I hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday! I am a loser, but I was thinking of you. I will call you soon, we need to catch up! love you-Jamie :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog header. That is such a great picture of the family. (I want one!) You need to send some of that frigid, I mean cold weather out west. We are rolling in the 80's. I think the kiddos wore their jackets a few weeks this winter. I've already seen the summer clothes out in the stores. Crazy! Can't wait to see you. Counting the days!

Rebecca said...

I was actually coming to your blog to leave a comment and let you know I have missed reading your posts=) and lo and behold.... a new post=) Yippee! Love the family picture at the top- Anna Claire is getting soo big!! I read McMama also and after reading her post about the ice village- I almost feel guilty for complaining about our cold weather here.. but I agree- I was never meant to live up north!! and if i lived closer- I would DEFINITELY be inviting myself over for whatever you decided to make with your peaches- although my face..... PEACH COBBLER!! mmmm!! (homemade peach icecream takes a close second!)

love you guys- hope you are finding lots to do indoors and the boys are not climbing the walls yet! ( I AM SOOO READY FOR SPRING!)

The Howell family said...

I am so mad at blogger. I just typed a long comment and it lost it. Maybe it was too long....

I'll try again and maybe take up two comment slots. It's cold, you have time to read all this right ;)

I just have so much to say about your post. First, I also reminded myself of warmer beach days yesterday. We actually got snow flurries here in Beaufort yesterday but of course it didn't stick and probably wouldn't have been more than 1/16th of an inch anyway. Oh, well, I just reminded myself that we are 30 min. from the beach and it will be warm enough in a couple of months.
cont. in next section :)

The Howell family said...

Second, GILBERT makes the best peaches. Thanks for the peach festival shout out though.
Third, SC produces more peaches per capita than Ga.
Fourth, all that peach talk was just cruel to do to a preggo woman who has no peaches in her freezer and who lives many hours away from you ;)
Fifth, I am still laughing that you own one of those snuggly things that Michael and I make so much fun of but am not a bit surprised that you have one :) Oh, the hay day we would have had back in Lightsey Bridge with that one :)
Sixth, and final-can you believe you will have a one year old soon?!! She is so cute.

The Carsons said...

FRIGID--just the word I used for our mid-Jan temps in Greenville. What's up with no snow when it is 8 degrees at night and a high of 30 during the day??!!

I haven't checked blogs in forever--good to see some fun pics of your family. I still haven't done a Christmas or Disney post. I can't find time for anything since the holidays, it seems!