Monday, January 26, 2009

Nope, NOT ME!

Wow! Has it really been since October since I participated in this? Nah, I didn't think so:) I am sure many of you have found MckMama by now and enjoy her insight, laughter, stories and mishaps as much as me. She really is a riot I tell you . Last time I did this there were 262 entries, now there are over 300! Head on over there to see the fabulous world of MckMama and her many small children and to see her "Not me!" post of the day. Oh, I am am NOT completely jealous that she is cruising around the Caribbean as you read....ahhh, we can all dream can't we! Well deserved my "friend", I hope you have a fabulous time!

I did NOT get demoted from pancake maker/flipper last night to chocolate chip/M&M inserter. Clearly, everyone knows how to make pancakes and flip them without anything going wrong. Who feeds there kids M&M pancakes for supper anyway? Not I!

I most certainly did NOT skip a page pages in the bedtime book we were reading last night. It was not the second time I was reading said book and was not tired of the same ole story line, again.

I am NOT completely guilty of placing Miss Priss in her stroller all bundled up for the cold weather only to find the stroller straps not fitting...then choosing to leave them unsnapped and in the "care" of her 3 year old brother...only to hear the worst ear piercing scream ever and to find the stroller upside down on top of her, over the curb of the the street. I do NOT know better especially since I am a pediatric ICU nurse...really, mom of the year award!

Our live Christmas decorations did not nearly poison 2 of our kids this past Christmas season. The berries were Not seen as "small grapes" by our son and unknowingly shared with his baby sister. Again, mom of the year....I think that makes 2 nominations already. Oh, and a "flagged" file at poison control and the local ER for sure! Again, what pediatric nurse lets that stuff in her home....wait, don't answer that. All joking aside, everyone was FINE...well except for dear hubby's wallet. The ER doc even remembered me....I told him we have funded his kids college fund well over the past year.

I am NOT looking forward to this weekend and the complete redneck event that we are willingly paying to attend with our boys. Stay tuned, pictures and stories to come!

Go ahead, join in the fun. Tell us about your parenting moments gone wrong. They say after all, laughter is the best medicine:)
Of course, I'll top it all off with some pictures...that is all you really want anyway:)

Miss Priss' position of choice for nap time 98% of the time

sitting up, slouched over

Yes, I know, it looks horrendously uncomfortable. I try to move her but it only awakens her. So now I just leave her and she will sleep 2-3 hours this way. She HATES being by herself (just like her daddy) and used to just cry and cry when we would leave her in her room to nap. Eventually she would fall asleep. It didn't take too long for the crying days to she just crawls to the end of her crib nearest the sit and wait...for the door to open and for someone to come in and get her. I know this because I have watched the series of events many times. She will sit there until she literally falls asleep and her head falls over. I don't know which is more pitiful....the crying she used to do (you know the one...the you just hurt my feelings/how could you cry) or the waiting ever so patiently to be rescued only to give in and tumble over? Rarely does she stay lying down where I place her....the amount of pictures I have of her sleeping this way is crazy. At night she generally stays lying down. Oh, you are just too much baby girl!


The Turners said...

Ethan sleeps exactly the same way! He still cries and cries during naptime then eventually slumps over and sleeps! What a scary poisoning situation- how did you know it had happened? I love your new picture on your blog header! I love your parenting stories, too- I can relate and it helps to know others are going through similar things!

Anonymous said...

I miss you girl :) When are you going to join the facebook world? Then I can stay in better touch :)

The Howell family said...

You are going to a monster truck rally or mud pull aren't you ;)