Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Love at first sight

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This weeks theme: The Funny, Cute & Endearing Ways We Say 'I Love You'

I've been reading this blog for awhile now and checking in on Miss Abby. Abby and
her family have been in my prayers as they are in a daily fight for her life. Amazing
family, amazing story...one amazing little girl. Pull up a chair and head on over
to check them out. Please join with me in prayer for Abby, for her family and
for the medical team caring for her.

Whew, it's been a busy day here at our house but I wanted to get this post up before Tuesday was over so we could participate in their party. Every Tuesday there is a different theme...yet, one guaranteed to make you laugh! So in sticking with this weeks them, I bring you:
"Love at first sight"

Sure, we have many ways of saying "I love you" here in our house, and many ways of showing it too. The most precious yet, was seen a little over a year ago tomorrow. February 28, 2008 Miss Priss made her debut and the boys welcomed her....well, the only way they knew how.

It really was quite an honor for her, at least that is how we will explain it to her one day. She was the first to penetrate their "inner" circle...the circle that included...just them. In the 2 1/2 years of their life no other child had been able to do so. We've nicknamed it "twin snobs". ALL moments of their life...from conception forward...it has ALWAYS been them. One egg...One sperm...TWO babies. Who needs another chum when you've got each other...it's all you've ever known.

The bond between the two of them is almost indescribable. They have their own looks, their own silent language and yes, even their own spoken language at one time. One look and you are seeing double...and yes, we HAVE mixed them up before! Luckily we have had safeguards in place to sort things out....we think:) They are VERY close and at the time Miss Priss came along, they were not letting anyone into their inner circle.

Their most prized possession? Their cars

Things they WILL NOT share? Their cars and stickers...and most certainly not their stickers of cars.

You see, she was a very smart little girl. She knew they way to their heart early on. She had been paying attention those 10 long months (yes, you do the math...40 weeks is 10, not 9, but 10 months). She had presents waiting for them when they came to meet her.

Cars and stickers....stickers of cars
I'll let you see how the meet and greet went...I think it went very well:)

Beside looking like she was hot off "LA INK"...I'd say she had worked her way into the "inner circle" quite nicely! Now taking them off was a whole different story:)

(anybody out there who can tell me why that top paragraph looks so funny? It looks fine in the edit Html mode?)


Jarka said...

oh this is such a funny post...and I absolutely love the photo :)

The Howell family said...

So sweet to be let into their inner sanctum! Show's what a good mama you are. You made me even more excited about Amelia having a sibling :)

Rebecca said...

absolutely HiLARIOUS! loved reading this post!!!